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    Spanners WANTED $16


    Some things can’t be defended mate, I’ve been visiting walk in Casinos since i was about 19-20yrs old, I’m 50 this October and never witnessed a ball move or jump out like it does in the video.

    I’ve often said i feel Online Casinos must have safeguards in place that prevent massive continuous payouts, No online Casino could ever sustain constant big losses.

    Example – A player bets a large or even MAX amount on a few numbers, that bet will register and will of-course flag up, the spin is made and even higher staff than the pit boss will be watching with hawk like eyes, if the ball is in the Danger zone that could cost the house thousands the house manipulates the ball away from the danger zone.

    Yes the odd player will get the odd big win but that bin win was on the houses terms, it’s very well known information that casinos like to invest in a player, it keeps them playing,  Casino gets the Whale, Player gets a Sardine

    Biohazard WANTED $362

    @Spanners – so I repeat, I’m not defending this particular case, I can’t say what happened, but I do agree it looks very dodgy. But I am playing devil’s advocate when I say, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible for the ball to do what it did, but that’s just my opinion.

    The safeguards are the RTP. For European roulette this is 97.3% (2.7% house edge). Over a long period of time, this is enough for any casino to assure themselves a profit.

    That being said, there could always be a small casino with a high table limit but low average bet sizing from the players. If someone was to come in on a single visit, bet big and win, then never come back, that could cause problems for the casino. But that is a very specific scenario and the safeguards the casino has in place should be around the table limits in that situation.

    Spanners WANTED $16


    Totally respect your views and opinion mate

    groundiskey WANTED $56

    I bloody love roulette haha, great read.

    Smokingbeagle WANTED $12

    So after being really good and sticking to small football bets after self excluding melyself from practically everywhere I fell off the wagon at coral yesterday playing roulette .

    Now again like the bandit says only spend what you can afford to lose which I did . I put in £300 altogether never really winning anything starting from roughly £20 per spin soon got to £50 a spin losing practically until the last press then 14 out of 15 winning numbers bagged me £1150 ish then as I always do when I win big once I get 2 losing spins in a row I come off . Ended up playing mermaid bitch for £50 then withdrew the £1000 and came off a winner .

    now reflecting back where oils I have stopped .

    £300 what I was affording To lose

    another £50 another £100

    i am so glad that the bookie roulettes will be £2 max spin by end of the month because I had all sorts of demons and flashbacks of losing fucking hundreds of hard earned money in the past chasing that winning number .

    Yesterday I was a winner and knowing that I will not have another chance to play big in the bookies I will remain a winner 😍

    Pilot1530 WANTED $1

    hi steve at least you are honest and open about what you do

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