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    babyface WANTED $34

    groundiskey wrote:

    I’ve been farting about working on a short term strategy and found that it works the best for me.

    I’ve been betting on extended neighbours, thats one number plus three neighbours either side, plus the green (8 numbers total unless the neighbours already cover the green).

    I do a maximum of 4 spins only. And I look for the following scenarios:

    Numbers that are showing to be opposite on the wheel (bet on the oppposite number of the last number out).
    Cluster numbers that show up in a section of the wheel (bet in the centre section of that section).
    Colours four of the same colour out in a row (bet on the opposite colour and green).

    LOL – no disrespect but I this must be roulette strategy No 1304 🙂  I suspect it will be as profitable as the other 1303, that damn ball lands where it wants to land.

    I’ve seen the ball land in the same area 16 times in a row

    You can’t bet on the opposite side of the last the number out and best in the centre section of the cluster number 🙂

    I’ve seen Red land 12 times in row

    Obviously your “strategy” will work occasionally, but it will be pure luck and now down to any system you have.

    But good luck anyway (and sort those horse picks out :-))



    groundiskey WANTED $62

    @Babyface I totally agree,
    hahaha I know it’s all random and there’s no system, strategy, or sequence etc. I get my enjoyment from trying out different scenarios and thought others might like to read how I play.

    I’ll do my best on the GG front.

    Ramm WANTED $31

    Brutal game ive found. you lose twice as fast as you win. fair play to anyone who can make bank on a semi-regular basis on this game.

    groundiskey WANTED $62

    @Ramm I suppose it depends how you play, many people use the martingale system which is a big no no that is the fastest way to the poor house.

    Just recently I’ve started playing again and found a table that best suits the way I play.
    9 numbers maximum usually select 3 numbers and include one neighbour either side,
    for example 0, 17, 5, which will cover

    The position of the chosen numbers are opposite and in between,
    on the clock face it would be 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 3 o’clock.

    I maintain this pattern position when placing my bet.
    The table I play is a speed table and there tends to be a lot of double numbers or the number next door to the previous number lands.

    I join the table look what number came out last and bet on that number which will be my 12 o’clock.

    No more than 4 spins then. Then whatever the fourth spin number was would be my new 12 o’clock.
    2 to 12 spins max then come off depending on profit.

    argyl53 WANTED $316

    Immersive Roulette is the one I hate, though I’ve learned the hard way all roulette is total poison. But my god, immersive does my head in like no other. It seems to have an almost supernatural ability to tilt me by landing next door to my jackpot numbers, regardless of where I bet. Not to mention the no less than 5 occasions I’ve placed bets covering every single number on the wheel bar one….and guess where it’s magically landed? And I don’t mean there’s been loads of times I’ve done this and won something….basically stupid as it is, I sometimes like to cover every number even knowing half of them will be an overall loss. But the ONLY five times I’ve done this and accidentally left one number uncovered, somehow the ball has been magically drawn to it.

    Jamezwww WANTED $11

    Glad I have read this post I always wondered why there is so little roulette these days in the videos.


    it is one of my problem games too, mostly because all my massive hits have always been on it I guess.

    Green2711 WANTED $429

    I had a session where I put £100 in worked it up to around £500 then decided to place crazy bets (for me) I put £25 (£100 spin) on 0 and it came in so I decided to respin and hit 0 again. I walked with the money but I’m very much down overall. I don’t like playing anymore due to after that win I started increasing my bet sizes and got myself in a bit of a pickle that I’m still paying off. Roulette is honestly the devil, I’ll stick to playing poker.

    groundiskey WANTED $62

    Personally speaking I’m convinced any short term strategies with small stakes works the best for a regular way to turn a profit.

    On Wednesday I cashed in £90 after 4 days of play.
    I started again from day 1 of 4 on Thursday and have made profit every day, it will be day 4 of 4 tomorrow Sunday 9th December 2018 and when I make profit I’ll be withdrawing again. I’ll continue this for as long as possible.

    Luckily I decided to stream my BALANCE BUILDER progress on

    RollWithItRuss WANTED $21

    Stake limits will kill the table games on EGMs

    The bookies must have done a deal behind closed doors to be allowed more machines and bigger jackpots in the future.

    The Bandit WANTED $3,968
    El Bandito

    Yeah i’d agree there really, you can have a great method/system/personal favourite route on the roulette table that can give you profits so often but one time, at some point, the limits will stop you needing to get on what you needed to and that one time will usually undo all your good work!

    Used to have a real bad problem with the roulette on the FOBT, lost £7k one Christmas Eve and that was a long walk home, when i think back to that day, what the fuck was i doing with 7k in my pockets?! Madness really.

    daniel WANTED $1

    The Bandit wrote:

    Yeah i’d agree there really, you can have a great method/system/personal favourite route on the roulette table that can give you profits so often but one time, at some point, the limits will stop you needing to get on what you needed to and that one time will usually undo all your good work!

    Used to have a real bad problem with the roulette on the FOBT, lost £7k one Christmas Eve and that was a long walk home, when i think back to that day, what the fuck was i doing with 7k in my pockets?! Madness really.

    I’ve fucked myself up this Christmas. Left us with nothing. Even worse when you’ve got a family to take care of.

    I feel a total disgrace. Beyond help.

    Smokingbeagle WANTED $31

    As you know I was shafted by Blacktype casino after winning £4500 on roulette . It’s a dangerous game that has high reward but brutal loss and tilting potential. As all gamblers say “surely it can’t be black 8times in a row “


    Chrishenderson1986 WANTED $2

    Love the game but it is brutal. Never play it on the fobts now been screwed over so many times on them. I always back the same numbers 0,17 and 20 and their neighbours

    Masquerade WANTED $9

    Ouch – 7K !! That must have been a heck of a walk home. I’m bad and impulsive with roulette and I hate it TBH but the idea of a potential quick win always seems to overule. i normally play two columns but only small amounts and at a time when I guess the wheel is busy as, like a couple of others above, I do not trust the online casino set up (especially if they can see the actual bets on the ‘layout’)

    Are FOBTs random? I’ve only played my columns (£10, £10) on them a few times but have never won.  🙂

    Glad you didn’t chase your losses there Steve.

    LC2017 WANTED $2

    I firmly believe they can spin it in the section they want it though, maybe not all but a lot of them. If you’re doing something all day everyday like that you’re telling me you won’t pick up techniques and tricks and learn what speed you are releasing will cause what sort of result. I’m all for believing in luck / randomness and a hot streak, but i do find i only seem to win when the croupier likes me or is smiling and talking, i had one a few months back where i would do my numbers and i’d forget 26 and he’d be like don’t forget 26 ( i was doing 0 section ) then bang 3 came in (next door) then 5 out of the next 6 spins were 26, 0, 32, 32, 15 and 7.

    This was a pretty good read


    Firstly, any intentional interference with the “randomness” of roulette spins is illegal almost everywhere. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    Secondly, yes it is possible for a dealer to control where the ball will land, but not on all wheels.

    This subject is discussed in detail at Can Roulette Dealers Make You Lose? – Roulette Physics – here’s the article:

    Many players speculate as to whether or not a roulette dealer can make you lose. The issue is hotly debated on forums. But realistically, a player needs to have a roulette wheel of their own, and a lot of experience to know the truth. It makes sense that the people that know the truth are either dealers, or people with their own wheels. I’ve probably spun wheels far more than most dealers, and know well what’s possible.

    Would a Dealer Want To Make You Lose?

    Firstly it is illegal for dealers to deliberately influence the winning number. Although it would be very difficult for a casino to prove what a dealer was thinking. But would a dealer want you to lose?

    I know many dealers, and I’ve never found one that wants players to lose. The only exception is when a player is particularly rude to a dealer. The fact is dealers aren’t paying out their own money. It is the casinos money. And most dealers are more than happy to see you win. In fact there was a case in my local casino where dealers became fed up with watching players lose. And they ended up deliberately overpaying players. Remember that dealers are human too, and it can be distressing to watch normal people lose a lot of money.

    There may still be the occasional nasty dealer that wants everyone to lose, but it’s safe to say it’s rare.

    How Could a Dealer Make Spins Predictable?

    A dealer can successfully target a particular number, or avoid numbers, but only in very strict conditions. Before I explain how this can be done, I’ll explain how dealers can make spins more predictable.

    Basically the dealer could spin at consistent speeds. So the rotor speed may be 4 seconds per revolution, and the ball may complete eight revolutions before falling. But still the following strict conditions are needed to make this work.

    First and foremost, the wheel must have a very strong dominant diamond. So the ball will hit a particular diamond very frequently. Secondly, the ball needs to fall in a reasonably predictable way. And thirdly, the dealer needs to spin the wheel and ball at consistent speeds. This is a basic skill that comes with practice. The dealer doesn’t need to spin at precisely the same speeds. There is always an acceptable margin of error.

    Now consider if these conditions are met, and the ball is released right above green zero. The wheel may pass the green zero 12 or so times before falling. And since the ball is mostly hitting the same diamond, and is bouncing predictably, the spin will be quite predictable. At its basic level, this is dealer signature. Simply the dealer is spinning consistent speeds.

    But importantly the dealer may not be targeting a specific wheel sector. Still the consistent spin speeds will lead to predictable patterns. It would be like throwing lots of rocks over a fence, where you wouldn’t know exactly where they landed. But you’d know a pile of rocks was forming somewhere over the fence. You just wouldn’t know where until you checked.

    Importantly, what the dealer would be targeting is a specific “distance” the ball has traveled. The distance is relative to the rotor. Keep this in mind before reading on.

    Can the Dealer Target or Avoid a Specific Number?

    Targeting and avoiding specific numbers are very different things.

    To AVOID a number, the dealer would need:

    a. The perfect wheel and conditions

    b. The skill to accurately spin at the desired speed to target consistent areas (distances)

    c. Slightly change the spin speeds so that the outcome (distance) will be different to previous spins

    d. Note the numbers they want to avoid, and adjust the ball release point.

    In this sense, it is entirely possible for a dealer to avoid particular areas of the wheel. But don’t let this concern you because it would take a tremendous amount of skill, and this is in ideal conditions. But assuming it was done, at best the dealer could just adjust the spin speeds only slightly, so perhaps the “end number” is on the other side of the wheel. But it would be easier for them to just randomize the speeds, which would at least greatly reduce the same “distance” from occurring.

    But what about TARGETING a number? Well that’s even more difficult. Because the dealer would need to adjust the spin speeds to target the right “distance”. They are not a computer and can only estimate speeds to target an area. I won’t say it’s impossible, because anything is possible. But is it realistically possible? No. And using our fence example again: Targeting a specific number would be like throwing a rock over the fence to hit a metal bell. We’d just try different combinations of speed, and listen for the “ding” sound when the bell was hit. Then we’d need to repeat the speeds to target the right area. Again it’s all theoretically possible, but realistically not something you need to worry about even if the dealer had perfect conditions. And the wheels that make it possible just don’t exist in modern casinos.

    How Difficult Would It Be For Dealers?

    If you need convincing, buy a wheel yourself and test. You will find you can easily roll the ball a set number of revolutions before it falls. It is easy to target perhaps 4 revolutions of the ball. But most casinos will void all bets if the ball completes less than four revolutions. In realistic casino conditions, the ball will travel at least eight revolutions. Can you consistently target eight revolutions of the ball? Actually it’s quite difficult. Even with a lot of practice, you will very often be incorrect by two or more revolutions. You could still be accurate to 8 revolutions most of the time.

    Next use a stopwatch to count 15 seconds, which is a typical time that a roulette spin takes. At the beginning of the spin, align the zero pocket with a particular diamond. And start the watch and spin the rotor at a consistent speed of around 3 seconds per revolution. At the end of the 15 seconds, note which number is beneath your start diamond (call this your “end number”). Repeat the process and see how consistent the end number is. You will find that the slightest speed difference makes a big difference to the end number.

    Putting this all together, it is very difficult to target the correct number of revolutions for the ball. And extremely difficult to spin the rotor with precisely the same speed. So can you realistically spin both the rotor and ball consistently together with precision to target or avoid sectors? Realistically, no.


    On the right wheel and in the right conditions, a dealer can quite easily make spins predictable. But targeting or avoiding sectors is very different. Realistically it is possible, but only in very strict conditions. And the chances of it happening are so remote that you should never worry about it. A more likely possibility is the casino using magnetic balls to avoid winning numbers. This actually does happen, but is very rare. It is discussed in detail at other comments are pretty interesting

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