I’m not in jail, i don’t spit at Police Officers either….

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    Warriorqueenvaleanxx WANTED $1

    Sorry to hear about that  yea we all have these rollercoaster s in life at times youl bounce back and we are  sooooo good to see your vids back we all were like yes he’s back lol been watching about 3 years you are somewhat of a legend of slots 🤘🤘I’m sure every one agrees keep rocking and slotting 😜😜

    TJTom WANTED $15

    Buzzing to have you back with the countdown to Christmas daily vids Bandit, good times! But for gods sake invest in a new mouse man! 😂

    Snobskill WANTED $1

    Hello bandit nice to see you back on online again time to get rid of my TV licence now I’ve been waiting for a long time see you shouting and screaming keep it up p.s. plenty of fish seems good good videos on there

    Armageddon65 WANTED $4

    Hey Steve, are you sure you cant use VPN, so that you will be able to spin fast/auto, AND to be able to buy bonuses? Like I seen other UK pleyars do

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)