I’m not in jail, i don’t spit at Police Officers either….

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    Garthsbk WANTED $2

    If you’re a gambler and enjoy poker. It really saved me mentally when my life was falling apart. You can play some ok games around the country and put your headphones on and enjoy the cards.

    life does suck sometimes and is hard. But we all have to keep our chins up and do things that we enjoy.

    if you ever decide you need to chat to another gambler about life I’m always around to chat.

    plus some decent high roller cash games in Birmingham too. 👍🏻😉

    Kazza61 WANTED $2

    So sorry to hear about your separation, take care of yourself.

    welshandy123 WANTED $2

    Cheers for the update pal..


    Keep on keeping on mate, I agree, the Slots arepretty much finished in the UK… I play still, but on much smaller stakes now..




    Never knew you were around wrexham, which is my home turf too…


    Might see you around sometime, will get a round in

    Smoothoperator WANTED $26

    Alright mate, @Keller, jeez, I mean if he told you he was dying would you call him selfish😂.. fkinell,!! 😂 Not the end of the world is it?

    It’s GAME OVER!!

    You’ll live.

    darrellburnett WANTED $8

    Glad you’re doing ok mate, I have been watching a lot of the videos you put out during first Covid lockdown! Epic times! Just finished watching the big Jammin’ Jars vid. You have always done your best to make people aware of what gambling can do. I am genuinely gutted that we may not see another Bandit vid again, but maybe in the future you may do one if your in the mood? I hope you are well mate and looking after yourself, all the best.

    moonbeam1234567 WANTED $3

    Hi Mate Sorry to hear you and your wife have split unfortunately things happen in life that’s out of our control, I know slots aren’t what they used to be but to be honest it would be nice to see you again maybe playing the way you used to on the smaller bets it was as much fun for you then and less of a fall as it was when you started on the higher stakes with the bigger falls, hope you get the feeling to return once again geez it’s been over and these withdrawel symptoms of not seeing a bandit stream are doing our heads in so much so I can’t tell you how many times we have watched the repeats of your old videos lol

    The devil WANTED $67

    Moon beam is nothing to do with bet sizes? The bandit never mentioned anything about struggling financially so a don’t know why your saying what your saying, the reason he won’t be producing content is because the uk market is dead, I don’t make content and even I struggle to play the slots nowadays constantly spinning away one press at a time, playing numerous slots that are built for a bonus buy, then you land some super bonuses get excited and they don’t even pay 100x it’s utter BS, land an extra chilli or vikings unleashed gamble it lose and then spin another million spins for a bonus, I’ve seen loads of people say hope you make another video or this or that he states he will not be moving to Ireland nor will he produce a video within the uk so accept what the bandit has produced and leave him be, say cheers or whatever and leave it at that, am sure he has bigger and better things to think about than making a video he used to get shit for in the first place

    Makem307 WANTED $1

    Miss the content mate but glad to here your not in any bother shame about the split up but these things happen. Hope you get through it the best you can.

    Smokingbeagle WANTED $55

    Sorry to hear about you and the wife . Everyone was worried about you that something horrid had happened never thought it would be that .

    you could not even gamble and do a stupid video and people would still watch . It was never about the gambling it was you we watched .

    if it’s over it’s over . Just hoping one day for a little YouTube notification for a Sunday slot video


    stay safe buddy

    MrJDPal WANTED $3

    Hi Bandit,

    Sorry to hear about the misfortunes of life going on at the moment. It’s pretty shitty when it hits hard, and whilst I can’t relate directly what you’re going through, I totally understand that you need your own time & space to deal with it in your own way and not have to explain to a bunch of video-hungry slot whores on the internet 😂

    Theres a class film called Kings Never Die. You love your sports so I’m sure you’ve seen it, it’s a boxing film. Give it a go if you haven’t. Always gives me the motivation to get up & dust myself off whenever I need it.

    In regards to these ‘slot players’ doing £1000-2000 a spin, they’re all sponsored by the casino. They’re not playing with ‘real money’ so to speak. The casino will deposit £100,000 or whatever into their balance with the goal to attract as many people to sign up to that casino as possible. A bit like the old affiliate schemes, the player gets a slight % of a new sign ups’ losses. There was a really good series by a massive YouTuber that exposed one of the biggest ‘fakers’ out there. The likes of Foss, Ayezee, Roshstein and Chipmonk Slots are still the biggest fakers now. The few real ones still being Hypalinx, Rock n Rolla, Nick Slots (when he plays) etc etc.

    I think what you say is true about the games being setup for bonus buys away from the UK, and it won’t come as a surprise that the UKGC are still planning to implement £2 max stakes, but they’ve been trying to do that for years. I think what you have to understand here though is that people don’t watch your videos to see you play £40 stake danger high voltage, we watch it for you, you take us along on the ride and you’d be the best YouTuber to watch by a country fucking mile, if you just did 20p, 40p, £1, £2.

    An example of this is literally Hypalinx. He often starts a stream with a £100 deposit playing 60p a spin. People love it. I’ve seen 7neighbours hit thousands playing 60-80p (Ra Megaways I think it was).

    The point being that you’re sat on a literal goldmine that you’ve built from the ground up, the ad revenue from your channel alone would generate you thousands, you surely had a taste of that when you ran Power Up a couple of years ago. The revenue must’ve been good, and with you having even more subs on your main channel, you can easily double that. I often go over and watch your old videos, I’m watching them all at the moment from the ground up, I know hundreds of people do that same, monetise them, you’ll see that rack up man! Whatever the stake, your commentary and play style is unique, legitimate and entertaining as FUCK

    Ive sent you emails a few times back in the day offering my support with graphics design and video editing, my offer is still there. I graduated university with that very thing, and whilst I’m a bit rusty, I’d be glad to help out. Im only in Runcorn!😂

    I do remember you even toying with the idea of making casino videos or fruit machine videos, I’d love to see it. Your first video back will generate hundreds of thousands of views.

    Hope you’re feeling back to the old Bandit again soon, take your time. But don’t quit mate. What you’ve got here is special and you’re fucking good at it.

    Cheers mate,


    Caddickc02 WANTED $4

    Wounded, Great guy never in Doubt

    Teemoz10 WANTED $1

    Fantastic to hear from u Steve u keep safe sir atleast all ur true fans (u know u have a huge amount)know u r safe n well always appreciated for the entertainment u gave us over the years ur a top man

    Loops WANTED $1

    Great to hear from you sir!

    Completely appreciate the reasons behind your disappearance from YouTube. I miss your videos and although it was the gambling that drew me in it was your hilarious personally that made me stay. Probably my favourite phrase was ‘I would rather pour acid down my piss pipe’ 😂😂😂 I’m hopeful you find a way to return at some point and want to wish you all the best.

    Arbour3 WANTED $1

    No way. It doesn’t work like that. You HAVE to be in Ireland to have the extras (or use a dodgy vpn). I’m irish. I play here. BUT,when I’m over the pond I’m subjected to all the UK rules. If they say they’re in Eire, then trust that they are. Also, you’d wanna be pretty dumb streaming using a VPN for bonus buys etc. Not hard for casinos to trace.

    TJTom WANTED $11

    Nice one Bandit, sorry to hear about the Mrs but glad you’re not getting bummed in jail. Take it easy mate.

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