I’m not in jail, i don’t spit at Police Officers either….

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    The devil WANTED $76

    What dribble are you talking arbour? You on summit hahaha what’s this thread got to do with anything your talking about? Some strange people kicking about hahahaha

    Kingpab WANTED $149

    MrJDPal wrote:

    Hi Bandit,

    Sorry to hear about the misfortunes of life going on at the moment. It’s pretty shitty when it hits hard, and whilst I can’t relate directly what you’re going through, I totally understand that you need your own time & space to deal with it in your own way and not have to explain to a bunch of video-hungry slot whores on the internet 😂

    Theres a class film called Kings Never Die. You love your sports so I’m sure you’ve seen it, it’s a boxing film. Give it a go if you haven’t. Always gives me the motivation to get up & dust myself off whenever I need it.

    In regards to these ‘slot players’ doing £1000-2000 a spin, they’re all sponsored by the casino. They’re not playing with ‘real money’ so to speak. The casino will deposit £100,000 or whatever into their balance with the goal to attract as many people to sign up to that casino as possible. A bit like the old affiliate schemes, the player gets a slight % of a new sign ups’ losses. There was a really good series by a massive YouTuber that exposed one of the biggest ‘fakers’ out there. The likes of Foss, Ayezee, Roshstein and Chipmonk Slots are still the biggest fakers now. The few real ones still being Hypalinx, Rock n Rolla, Nick Slots (when he plays) etc etc.

    I think what you say is true about the games being setup for bonus buys away from the UK, and it won’t come as a surprise that the UKGC are still planning to implement £2 max stakes, but they’ve been trying to do that for years. I think what you have to understand here though is that people don’t watch your videos to see you play £40 stake danger high voltage, we watch it for you, you take us along on the ride and you’d be the best YouTuber to watch by a country fucking mile, if you just did 20p, 40p, £1, £2.

    An example of this is literally Hypalinx. He often starts a stream with a £100 deposit playing 60p a spin. People love it. I’ve seen 7neighbours hit thousands playing 60-80p (Ra Megaways I think it was).

    The point being that you’re sat on a literal goldmine that you’ve built from the ground up, the ad revenue from your channel alone would generate you thousands, you surely had a taste of that when you ran Power Up a couple of years ago. The revenue must’ve been good, and with you having even more subs on your main channel, you can easily double that. I often go over and watch your old videos, I’m watching them all at the moment from the ground up, I know hundreds of people do that same, monetise them, you’ll see that rack up man! Whatever the stake, your commentary and play style is unique, legitimate and entertaining as FUCK

    Ive sent you emails a few times back in the day offering my support with graphics design and video editing, my offer is still there. I graduated university with that very thing, and whilst I’m a bit rusty, I’d be glad to help out. Im only in Runcorn!😂

    I do remember you even toying with the idea of making casino videos or fruit machine videos, I’d love to see it. Your first video back will generate hundreds of thousands of views.

    Hope you’re feeling back to the old Bandit again soon, take your time. But don’t quit mate. What you’ve got here is special and you’re fucking good at it.

    Cheers mate,


    Brilliant post and I 100% agree that you should look into doing something with the support you have


    Start small again, even a video of you talking over a pub slot with a 100£ jackpot would attract 50,000 views

    Always wondered how much you have to spend these days to force a jackpot.


    used to be easy on the old style bandits but these blueprint machines im not sure I’ve ever seen a jackpot  tbh




    Kratostoner WANTED $3

    Hi Bandit

    Nice one for reaching out, some of us do actually care.

    I’ve been watching you since your very small stakes  until the end.

    To be honest I wouldnt care if you done 20p spins streams, it’s your banter i tune in for.

    Be safe and please remember the answers to your issues isn’t at the bottom of any alcohol beverage.

    One love pal


    But Bandit you cant quit. Im still waiting for my pick of Stones on Gandalf 🙂

    i’ve stopped gambling years ago, but for me to still log back here a couple of times every month, just to see if you posted something, says volumesof the content you created.

    marve7y WANTED $1

    Glad to hear you’re doing the best you can mate miss the content I know where you’re coming from most slots have died off last big win I had was on DOA 2 36p a spin thinking I was on 3.60 but still hit 13.2k lol keep the pecker up and hope to see some content even if it’s just a snippet mashup


    Meshman WANTED $1

    Honestly mate great to hear from you, seen loads of the rumours going around, one of my favourites was you was currently in prison lol!Sorry to hear about the divorce, shit happens. You mention you’re still doing bits on reel king ect.. how about a video a month low stakes just to hear you rant and rave! I’ve been rewatching all the older videos just finished the one with sword of khans massive win! Epic! Keep it real mate

    Bridget1965 WANTED $1

    I like most are going to miss you very much, for me it was always the excietment in your voice wether you were playing at 60pence or stupid money.  you are a natural entertainer and very funny.  I am very sorry to hear about your seperation, probably one of the most difficult things to go through especially when there are children involved.  I think most would still watch if you were doing 20pence bets  because people know your not a charlatan…i think thats the right word…i really hope you are doing ok and hopefully not spending too much time propping the bar up..best of luck to you and god bless you.

    Im batman WANTED $1

    Thanks for the very honest update. I never watched your channel to see the £40 spins and the massive £1000 buys on Vikings unleashed etc. I watched because your commentry/banter was sublime. The one liners are living on with other streamers. It’s a shame you’re not uploading and I hope one day that changes. You’re a legend to many. One of my favourite people that I’ve never met. Best of luck for the future and to your family. Thank you for getting me through the ‘covid’ lockdowns. 🙌

    SteveJP12 WANTED $1

    Sorry to hear about the split mate. Never easy to go through! Been there myself, it’s not nice.

    Pretty common comment but if you are having a bash on reel king etc on whatever stakes, hit that record button we’ll always watch 👍🏼

    Hava45 WANTED $1

    Sorry to hear bandit. Allways Looked forward to Sunday evening/nights. Main thing is u and hope your on a new path. Never easy many of us know gambling and ale can be the devil when not under control. Wishing u all the best

    Firelog1 WANTED $2

    Hi Steve,

    Great to have you back , really enjoy your content. like you i flog a bit of stock , maybe send you some details of my

    details if interested , all the very best Steve Carroll.

    Biohazard WANTED $671

    Thanks for the update, Steve. Glad you’re okay, but sorry to hear about your split.

    Chin up!

    Stormy WANTED $6

    Likewise, sorry to here about your split and hope you parted on good terms and have good access to your family.

    I found your latest video interesting, I have set my own channel up and 65+ subscribers and 2k+ hits per month, so a long way to go. Not surprised you have given up with the online crack, it is incredibly tedious nowadays and I stopped some years ago as didn’t get any buzz at the stakes I can afford. Concentrating on Sports betting which I was always good at.

    Stay safe. At my age and after a couple of health scares, I finally realised the most important commodity is time (and I waste it when gambling). The pub/restaurant/holidays with my partner/friends is where the fun is.


    borisfrost4 WANTED $2

    Best of luck mate

    MadHavoq90 WANTED $3

    That’s why I loved your videos.. you make realistic videos where okay yeahhh you can have a big stake video but even that isn’t THAT mad like 40 quid in the grand scheme of things isn’t that mad considering you’re spaffin quiet a bit whereas my mate watches weirdos spinning £££££ and the wins are only 100x but due to the stake size it looks like a mental win… That and these bloody crypto coin casinos 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m just glad you’re back. Sorry to hear about the wife but hey ho as long as it was a clean break up and you’re not hurting too much. Nothing we could ask more of 👍🏽 take it easy Mr Bandit! Great return video btw 👌🏽

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