I don’t often ask anyone for anything back but…

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    TaffyBoy1974 WANTED $1

    Hello everyone!!

    I tell you what it was, I was wondering if I Won on the prize draw, would I get an email or would I have to look somewhere specific to claim my prize?

    Many  thanks,




    keykeythe1 wrote:

    sorted, and bought. this kind of band has thrown me a memory from way way back in the day. a few years after id left school etc. and i was having a tattoo done, and my mate rocked up with a cd that had no name on it, he only knew the name of the band…….and suggested that we listened to it. he’d been given it, from a recent gig from the band.

    We continued to get our tattoo’s done, whilst listening to this totally new sound that we’d never heard before, but could totally relate to. The music and words were absolutely spot on and perfect……

    The band was Artic monkeys. !!!

    little did we know at the time…. we’d been listening to one of the biggest british bands to date, and this was actually their demo album.

    I so wish i’d still got that burnt CD, from yesteryear, it was a promo cd handed out from the actual band, after a local gig. To try and get their name out there.

    support local talent, its all we’ve got. otherwise its all gonna be that auto tune rubbish. Peace

    thanks couldn’t think who they reminded me off :). The guitar at the beginning reminded a little bit of lil chris (checkin it out) and the vibe reminded a of a mix of somethings I can’t quite put my finger on marron travis? I’m not sure maybe pugwall t.v. series intro lol don’t know but I like it


    I’ve got it semisonic  vibe 🙂 its all about chemistry

Viewing 3 posts - 76 through 78 (of 78 total)