Do you know who i am mate?!

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    The Bandit WANTED $3,789
    El Bandito

    Mattcarr wrote:

    Been a long time online slot player and have excluded myself from most sites. I found your videos on you tube and enjoy them a lot. I cant quite believe that you have made so much from the slots – when there are winners there are always losers !! I have had a few big wins myself over the time and also a few big losses. I now stick to just the small wagering, and watching the online videos helps me to keep it a bit more real for myself.

    Hi mate, it has only been a great year for me on a very selective small crop of games, just two in fact, Reel King and Wild Swarm. On the whole it is safe to say that you will not make money in the long run on casino games, you will however experience a really nice run every now and then, important to always remember, only stick in what you can afford to lose and then you won’t go far wrong.

    Poltergeist WANTED $0

    Hullo guys new to the site but ive beenwatching mr bandit here for quite a while mainly bec he was the only streamer playin bluprints. fav bluprint- count duckula. Also i hate friggin megaways games

    davidnloki WANTED $1

    greatings ohh slot master et bandit lol


    Darcemaster WANTED $0

    Hi there


    Neilsheps18 WANTED $1

    Hi I’m neil shepherd I love your vids watched most of them would like them but my phone is busted and with Christmas just around he corner (like 2 days) and with 2 children it’s not a necessity but anyway keep up the good work on vids and hope to see you today


    Been follow u since u started , hope soon u maby do live stream again on big screen 🙂

    Budbeat WANTED $0

    Na cant see him doing a live stream again… wtf… the hole thing about El Bandito is you can just imagine wtf he is do8ng off cam as SPINAL TAP …. fists him for a 7 Bonus Wild shot… been watching for a year or so and I can honestly say its the beat way.. Nickslots n Fruity etc r ok but the bigman is just a big BONUS HUNT ..(see what I did there ) …keep it up ..El Bandito

    Seandoggy WANTED $1

    I know exactly who you are mate wouldn’t watch anyone else to be honest. Some off the things you say are honestly hilarious 😂 could watch you for 6 hours at a time may be more

    caeserbo WANTED $2

    The Bandit wrote:


    People say that you know!

    I am The Bandit, the actual one, off the YouTube ya know 😀

    Greetings Earthlings!

    if you are really the bandit how many fingers am i holding up ?

    waynetrunk99 WANTED $3

    Hey bandit. Wayne here been watching your video’s around 16 months great wins you have had some mental loses but all good m8. Sorry to here about your cat.

    Could i ask what part are you or have you put the football acca’s on mate m8. For this saturday. 5/1/2019 cheers pal.

    SupportfromSingapore WANTED $5

    Hi bandit!

    Just want to say a big big thank you for able to see your video for the past year.  A little about me, i am 30years old, have been gambling since i’m 14 as I am a chinese… there’s a saying chinese like to gamble…

    I was in Newcastle studying my degree for 3 years, and I regret to say I lose a lot of money when I am studying oversea, I lose a total of £1000000 one million which is at that time of point about $2.8million singapore dollars as I am from singapore..

    I nearly committed suicide, but i’m Glad my Wife Send me to hospital in time, now I have a happy family of 4…

    since then, u are my favourite YouTuber as I find your video able to help me quit gambling… now I still gamble but within my limits…

    bandit! I’m sorry, as my country banned online gambling, I am unable to join all the draw and support your channels…


    thank you so much! If there is a chance u visiting singapore! Please let me know!

    Once again, god bless u for all your kind donations to charity, looking forward for your next video!

    Chrissy WANTED $0

    Hello mate love the videos nice to see someone win now and again not very lucky myself never seem to win big at all biggest I have ever took is 500x on £1 spins no were near your league, hope you got your money back off real king the other day cheers bud

    Jonny696 WANTED $0

    Hi bandit on a video can you please do legend of the pharaoh big bet £50 ones I have just be shafted not one single bastard bonus in £1,700 worth off fucking spins that can’t be right

    Ozzy1 WANTED $1

    How you getting on with golf fella ?

    I’m off at the mo so been hitting the course daily but I’m still shit haha

    I do have moments of genius (flooks)

    which keep me going back for more punishment.

    My olds live in Crewe so I will be up there in Feb so if you fancy a round of swish…fuck that would be great.

    Wrexham ain’t that far from crewe.


    Bexymummy WANTED $0

    Hi im new to all this so I don’t know what I’m supposed to write where.

    i enjoy watching your videos, me and my husband cuddle up together on the sofa and watch them, raging rhino is the worst game we watch you play as it never seems to pay anything but its not the whole video so we dont mind watching it.

    my favourite games to play are the lucky ladys charm and dolphins pearl but you dont seem to play them.

    I enjoy playing the games online but for me king kong cash is the worst for me, i never get more then £1 on the bonuses on a 60p stake and usually only get the empire free spins which are junk.

    hopefully one day you might play those two games that i like but if not il still happily watch you and enjoy your videos. X

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