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    Dalebatley22 WANTED $3

    Who remembers cops n robbers pub fruit machine. This was my favorite. Millionaires row was a myth for me lol.

    LC2017 WANTED $2

    My 2 favourites


    Body Match

    Anyone remember them?

    Liked the simpsons / monopoly ones too

    This is totally random and i don’t expect anyone to really know by this limited amount of info i’m about to give but there was a great one i use to like it use to be in the westcliff hotel in southend ( i am going back about 10 years ago when they had a pool table and slot machine ) but anyway it was a 25p spin one and it was something to do with bottles, and say the feature you got by 3 bottles in view, think it was a barcrest or a JPM but yeh the only hint / help i can give you is it had bottles haha i’d recognise it if i saw a picture, anyone have any clue?

    Steller WANTED $25

    It’s still around on the William Hill FOBT’s. It used to be popular but not many play it these days. Had the jackpot a few times from 4 Helmets and then getting on to Millionaires row. Had 5 Helmets a couple of times which paid about a third of the possible Jackpot.

Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)