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    Cheese1974 WANTED $3

    Winagain, was a 10p slot back in the day, cant remember if it was £2 jackpot, other than that iv had a lifelong addiction to poker slot machines

    krispy WANTED $4

    Tsietisin wrote:

    I was a big fan of the £6-8 era even though it was mostly token jackpots back then.


    Crystal maze

    Las Vegas strip or cosmic casino

    Spiker the biker


    Noels house party



    I now emulate the lot of them though so I can relive the glory days.





    Crystal maze is ace
    Batle axe
    Party time 5 pound jackpots
    And monopoly

    AceHigh Cooper WANTED $2

    About 20 years ago I used be paid to play fruit machines 8 hours a day called soak testing it was to try and find glitches and faults but you used to know everything about them. Then when they were in the pubs used to know how to force the jackpots £25 jackpots then wow those were the days.

    tinkermaker WANTED $1

    hey steve,

    i am a small to medium stake poker player who was forced to move from the bay area when my rent went from $1800 to $3600.i am in north eastern california with no nearby casinos and as you no our online gambling was shut down. i am sure that the u k has poker sites. how would i get $500 u s into one?

    as far as the gnarly remarks that you receive, ignore makes the posters feel good when you acknowledge them. just pretend that they never happen. turn the other cheek!

    WHY the fuck have you not posted a video in 2 weeks? i really look forward to them.


    *edited seedy took you’re email and number out never post that info on a public forum mate*

    jafa_racing WANTED $6

    i personally like a slot that gives me extra cash,but is exciting to play.i just walk around the machines until something catches my eye and have a gut felling it will be fun to play. i lose more than i win in the end but enjoyed 90% of the slots i have played. the last year i have more fun playing online than going to casino.

    SkintForTheMonth WANTED $2

    Bit random but does anyone play the Deal or No Deal ticket game… It’s a skill game. Had a few nice prizes… Just been banned from my local from playing it, even though it’s a game of skill. Anyone been doing them?

    Bulldog WANTED $1

    Anyone know if there is someone who writes software for t7 machines please.

    Anonymous WANTED $7

    “BULLDOG”-I’ve built a few fruit machine apps (Crystal Maze, Cash Lines and Rocky Horror and half of Cops and Robbers Club Gold) and can write software for slots/fruit machines easily, not sure what a T7 machine is but I’ll help if I can mate…

    Cfc23 WANTED $1

    Seeing as you love the ladder on reel king so much. (And by the way your big stake gambles on reel king are immense. Best videos out there by miles) do you remember the old 2p nugdgers I liked the one with unlimited nudges and £3 gamble ladder top. Also liked an old old machine called shifter. £4 top 10p a play. I dont gamble anymore but I have a go on free play on some of the games you play. But there is no gamble ladders on the site i use. Whenever I’m at the seaside a tenner on the 2p nudger and get a few tops. Much much smaller stakes and not a £40k top but really exciting. Keep the videos coming mate best entertainment since lockdown when I discovered your videos. Keep it up.

    Boogem WANTED $2

    I used to love Real Rich Geezer. I did like the game but more specifically for a good while the one I played the gamble numbers would stick on 12. Go lower and you would win, but the number would still be 12. Many jackpots to be had lol. Any game with multi level bonus boards and extra lives good. Big Top was my first love.  5p play, £1.55 in, £75 jackpot. That got me hooked.

    Luke bird WANTED $4

    Does anyone remember the eastenders machine that lit up red when the jackpot was guaranteed?? I used to love that one.

    Dazzy666 WANTED $1

    The best slots back in the day was any that you could use a piece of strim wire on in the earlly days use to travel round emptying fruit machines made a furtune

    Kev3uk1981 WANTED $1

    I’m probably 3 years late replying or repeating someone’s comments but nearly all the machines you’ve listed and people have commented about are in a couple of arcades called Mr P’s, he has an arcade in Bognor Regis and another in Chatham, the Maidstone one is currently closed, but all full of classic machines on 90% or more.

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