Reply To: Reel King – Love it or Hate it?

luke21 WANTED $1

The Bandit wrote:

I will have to get that quote thing looked at as it’s not quite working properly but luke21….. i started to think the same just the other night when i was playing it off vid and i noticed i was getting a scroll, it was going for the same amount in exactly the same way, for example, blues then yellows then blues then dead and then it was losing at the exact same point and when i started watching for it, it happened three further times, am i paranoid lol?!

Nah I dont think you are paranoid at all mate. If you are, we all are. Everybody has their theorys. You get my point though right? Its pretty hard to flip a coin 10 times in a row on the right side, a lot harder and less frequent than you getting to the top of that ladder which is essentially the same thing. It just feels like ‘when its due, its due’ lol. I mean majority of the time you predict you are going to hit the top, which is just silly. But you really do seem to either be 1) coincidentally lucky 2) or be able to recognise when the game ‘wants to pay’ like when you refer to it ‘wanting to hit the top’ it more often than not does.