Sunday slots monthly special ?

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    notrege WANTED $41

    I understand the format of the bandits videos ( Stevey B ) is that the videos only show the highlights of the stream and every now and then between bonus we get an insight into the progress and thoughts of the bandit as nothing seems to happen for a while

    I’d be very interested in a monthly special ( most likely in place of the Sunday slots ) where the session is streamed live ( as well as edited at the end for the normal video ) and rather than Steve have to pour his heart and soul into trying to please everyone the effective dead time of online slots between bonus is used to interact and answer questions / explain in real time decisions made  etc

    100% sure he’s mentioned before that he’s not really into streaming but I think this type of live interaction once a month would be really interesting and I’ve had questions before or made threads that get lost on the forum before he’s had a chance to reply and it would also help build a fan base / forum activity imo

    Can we start a petition to at least do a trial session ?

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    I’d love this personally. As you say, it gives him the chance to interact with his viewers. Take live requests, answer questions, just engage with us. Really adds a new element to the whole thing. Once a month isn’t a lot!

    But I appreciate it has to be what Steve enjoys and is comfortable doing, so all down to him!

    notrege WANTED $41

    Yeah completely agree it has to be if he’s comfortable doing it, I’ve seen the meetup thread about and even if the first live stream is at that location (where ever it is) and for those who can’t make it, can at least be part of the group … if it happens

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    While there is something in what you guys are saying Ste doesn’t really want to stream as it is just a long…. long 6 to 8 hours recording then it would be another long editing session which would be counterproductive. I do think though that he does understand the want of you all wanting to interact and rather than stream he is very serious on doing some live shows/sessions so that you all get to meet him and see him play along while having a beer/wine/rum/gin lol

    peace and carrots

    The guy who picked paint :p

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