Push Gaming RTP Horrendous

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    Nudnac20 WANTED $3

    10 Bonus buys on Fat Rabbit

    26 Bonus buys on Jammin Jars

    12 Bonus Buys on Retro Sweets

    5 Bonus buys on Retro Tapes


    Majority returned 5-10%. Not 1 single bonus was more than the cost or near.

    Is there not supposed to be some sort of RTP? I did all of these one after the other, balance gone to 0. Which is fine, it’s gambling. But it takes the piss a little bit doesn’t it, it’s a little excessive with how many bonuses and not a single win..

    RuthlesS WANTED $23

    Become a streamer, you will win more 😉

    heisenberg WANTED $9

    Suspect you don’t understand the concept of RTP. Each game has the RTP listed (easy to find if you want to verify it) and is calculated from a sample size much, much, much bigger than your 53 bonuses referenced (we’re talking billions of spins).

    Your example above, whilst unlucky, is a perfectly plausible outcome, particularly given the volatility of the slots involved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)