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    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    So i am at Skegness Butlins currently, the signal here is shocking ha – do it on purpose don’t they just so you have to purchase their own daily wifi details!

    £4.30 a pint, bit steep – You can get a 4 pint pitcher for £15 and usually you get about 4.5 pints in it, ooOOoooosh a rip for the booze haha

    We hired a couple of little carts for half an hour, blasted my legs on those as im too big really to fit in, bruised knees haha but the little ones loved it and that is the main thing eh!

    The teddy grabbers, holy shit these things are so expensive when the older lad gets involved, his thing is “five nights at freddys” and of course, they have bloody got a grabber full of them haven’t they, 50p a pop and he won’t stop until he has all three variants, bye bye daddys quids!

    Went to the circus yesterday, not really my thing tbh as i am a mega boring bastard but it was quite good, didn’t stop the wallet getting abused for two cheaply made whirly lighted fans though did it, bloody £6 each haha I know a wholesale site where they are pence each, the stress! Do i spoil my kids? Yeah probably but that is the result of myself not really having much as a child, i want them to have plenty, but not too much, it’s a fine line isn’t it!

    The night entertainment has been alright but the tiny man hates loud noises and always says “get me out of this place” haha we tried some noise cancelling headphones last night, he loved them but then still got bored after about 30 minutes, Danger Mouse was on, reminded me of when i was little haha loved that program!

    Anyway, the bar is calling!

    giannix WANTED $10

    carpe diem 😉


    Kingpab WANTED $149

    We go twice a year as the kids love it. We stayed in the fairground apt last time. Think the shows make it worth the money but I can’t stand that Billy Teddy thing that pounces around.

    Thought the panto was worth a watch but as we have little kids Reds is the place to be on a night. Great for little ones. Have a good time bandit

    Patty1974 WANTED $37

    Butlins for a kid is magic! We would go with the Grandparents….around 10 kids going radge for a week! You got your chalet key and they wouldn’t see you until you were hungry. Free snooker, table tennis and golf….and then onto the flashing lights in the arcades! ? Grownups would be in the Ballroom watching some questionable singing whilst we were going through the 10p bits like they were going out of fashion. Over 30 year ago now but still remember those days and nice to know people still go and give the kids a great time. I would take Butlins over a holiday abroad any day.

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    It has been a good holiday for the kids, so much for them to do, we stayed in a beach side apartment, we stayed in the same the last time we went i think 3 years back.

    The drive home was nearly 6 hours due to traffic and the mini man being sick a few times, he doesn’t travel well just like me when i was a kid lol I needed those weird little brown pills, do they even still do them haha

    Over the week i won myself around £1,600 on the fruit machines, quite crazy that really considering they have all gone shit now since i last went and they have smashed them all down on 70% the dirty thieving scoundrels lol

    I tell you what there is an absolute gap in the market for, an arcade simply full of teddy cranes that actually don’t rip your dick off! So the teddy costs £3, set it to grab one every £8 and the place will e full all day every day! These cranes were awful, we got a couple of wins on the lesser sort of prize ones like mini footballs but fuck me, actual quality teddys were impossible to win!

    Kingpab WANTED $149

    We are bk December 14th for the weekend. Good time to go, it gets you in the Christmas spirit.

    Never won a teddy at butlins but like you tried lots. It’s a absolute con. What is worse tho is them ticket that you collect. Got about 1000 and we got the shitist yoyo that broke just by looking at it. And a slinky that was too short to work on stairs ? ?.


    The best idea is a arcade full of old skool bandit’s and like you said half decent Teddy grabbers. Throw in a few 2p machines as that’s free money. (no one ever changes the 2ps back) and this time next year we will be millionaires

    dbz_warrior WANTED $4

    Cool man I live in skeg such a boring place to live used to work at Butlins was fun when I was younger lol don’t get teased by all the bloody slots in town centre they are rigged to the max hahaha have a good time bud

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    dbz_warrior wrote:

    Cool man I live in skeg such a boring place to live used to work at Butlins was fun when I was younger lol don’t get teased by all the bloody slots in town centre they are rigged to the max hahaha have a good time bud

    I ventured into the town centre once while there and tbh the fruits were good to me haha £550 profit was had, the camp site fruit machines were all nailed down on 70% so i had to escape for at least half a day haha

    dbz_warrior WANTED $4

    Nice one dude had more luck than I normally get hahahaha them things used wipe me clean before I stopped playing in the amusements

    WiggyOfStHelens WANTED $96

    Fire At The Butlins, this is what happened the last time i was in Skeggy…

    andywilliams1187 WANTED $398

    Fond memories of Butlins skegness. Used pwellhi every year until my grandad passed away so started going to skegness instead.

    I first got my end away behind jaks nightclub so butlins skegness always going to make me smile lol

    dealeralan WANTED $2

    I love Butlins me and the wife go 4/5 times a year she calls it couples therapy I call it a massive piss up

    Spanners WANTED $35

    I always remember going to the Butlins in Ayr on a day trip, id still have been at High School but the actual trip was my Mums friends work, it was a big double decker bus packed with people and me being never an angel when i was younger was well warned ”NOT to get into ANY TROUBLE” OR bring any attention to myself, as if………..Meeeeeee

    So a crowd of us all hit the arcade and one of my mates clocked the glass was open on the 10p falls machine, we have all seen them, big hexagon free standing machine with the drawers or steps going in and out, back then 10p was today’s £1 coins, so me being me I want to see who is walking about ”STAFF related” and i can only see one dude walking about with all his keys so i tell one of my other pals to get the staff member well out the way and just say his money has jammed in a machine, DISTRACTION………………It’s an art RIGHT!  lol

    So when the staff member is way out the road we go for it,  glass gets lifted Just enough and i put my arm in and down comes half the shelf, a few of us gather up the coins and we;re good.

    BUT the staff member is now taking the distraction machine half apart and looks super busy so do we go in again ? DAM RIGHT we do only this time half the floor are looking ”no cameras back then”  long before CCTV

    So this time my mate lifts the glass but all the way and every fecker steams in pure free for all and all the drama has got the staff members attention but we all clear as he heads our way, he’s shouting etc but we’re flinging small kids around and making for the sunlight to freedom, doorway marked EXIT.

    Anyway we got told to be back at the bus for 18:00 &70% of can hardly walk with the sheer weight of 10p coins

    Yours truly gets a word in the ear from my Mums pal as she whispers……………………..what did i fecking tell you before we got here ?

    But she starts laughing and says everyone in the bar were saying some people robbed a machine, she said the minute she caught wind of that she knew who the ring leader would be

    <span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>Ahhh the good old days at Butlins. </span>

    Dune2000 WANTED $205

    The Bandit wrote:

    The teddy grabbers, holy shit these things are so expensive when the older lad gets involved, his thing is “five nights at freddys” and of course, they have bloody got a grabber full of them haven’t they,

    LOL – the claws on those things are weaker than alcohol free beer.   Watched a guy pump about £30 into one trying to win a teddy for his kid, which he could have bought down the road for a fiver.

    In your head you know you are being a dick for chasing that toy, but it becomes personal 🙂

    Anonymous WANTED $483

    Butlins is rigged! ?

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