So i am launching a business venture – Can you help?

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    orbitcsgo WANTED $0

    happy to help

    BigBoyBiggins WANTED $0

    I’m down for it big man . Twitter or emails good dude

    D2vyx WANTED $0

    I’m up for that mate @davidgorman08

    Adiiee74 WANTED $0

    What an amazing thing to do.. count me in..

    Ajt18 WANTED $0

    Hi bandit, I should be able to help you out with a fiver; anything to make me some money haha.

    Also, did you get a chance to read my email (from my gmail account)? I’d really appreciate it if you did

    Instant_Bin WANTED $0

    Can you deposit via skrill or Paypal Steve? Trying to sort a mortgage at the minute so can’t have any gambling deposits on my bank statement. I know it’s only a fiver but the wife would go mad if it knackered the application so can’t chance it

    Mrscarter2017 WANTED $0

    I’m interested can you let me know how to go about it please. X

    stephblueyes WANTED $5

    Always happy to help!!

    Mr B WANTED $395

    I’ll have a blast

    bainies WANTED $1

    I’ll give it a go – please email me the details 🙂

    simonastra WANTED $1

    Thanks bandit, the best thing I did today. Especially as it got raised to 18-1👍

    Frosty0908 WANTED $4

    Send me a link please and I’ll download

    Radar1974 WANTED $4

    I’d be interested but I don’t use Twitter. I assume by commenting this will link to my email anyway? For no other reason than it is supporting non-league football clubs. it deserves a push. Sick and tired of seeing clubs fold in small communities because of lack of funding when they can give so much to the area. My local club Flixton FC has folded and they had just renovated the clubhouse and function hall. Now it just gathers dust behind barb wire fences 😢

    The Bandit WANTED $3,789
    El Bandito

    Sorry folks, just keeping up with the emails, i will email everyone that has asked asap! Was just trying Final Countdown too…. didn’t go well haha

    Poker555 WANTED $1

    Count me in…worth giving it a go for the free money also and on the plus side ,helping yourself with a worth while venture..good luck

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 215 total)

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