Slot suggestions for zee Bandit

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    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $666

    TJTom wrote:

    Seyahkram1977 wrote:

    Avernite wrote:

    Elk games are fun to play. I find their Mechanics quite interesting and original for the most part. I especially love the Toro adaptations.

    A Piss!!! I forgot about the nitro games…

    I kind have a thing for nitro 2 and 3 ….

    fucking elk …. Infecting my play list ..

    Yeah Nitropolis 3 is mega addictive, it offers so much but delivers fuck all usually. I must have put tens of thousands of spins through it on low stakes and the best win I’ve had is about 250x and that includes several super bonuses with are supposed to be worth 500x but usually go for less than a normal bonus. Still a great game though. One day it will show me it’s potential.

    Yeah agreed, I enjoy it because it can make a deposit last since more or less each spin is a win of some kind, but the fucking scatters blimps on nitro three are the Karen’s of the slot world… the amount of misses it does is worse than bonanza and seventeen levels above goonies in frustration…. I’ve had one super bonus since its release so highlights the fuck you attitude it has., but ….. I still like it… my top win is no where near your 250x but in my defence I think it’s a well made game ( except for scatter Karen’s ) so I keep dropping pounds ……..

    Meshman WANTED $1

    One of the new pragmatic play ones is naughty, spin & score! Some nice surprises in base game


    Lit Christmas lucky tap 🙈🙈🙈

    Michaels1996 WANTED $9

    Hoping for some original RAINBOW RICHES. My last 300 spins or so on it had consisted of the pots of gold 3 times a 500x on £2 a 500x on £1 and a 90x on £3! Hoping to transfer some luck to El Bandito!

    Cabbagebag WANTED $1

    hey bandit how about some Montezuma or a old classic Wolf Cub.

    Xbobmad WANTED $704

    Does anywhere still have sensible soccer?

    RustyBucket WANTED $1

    Would love to see a hunt for the 5 scatter 180 spins on World Darts Championship, similar to the hot-mode or DOA2 hunts of old.

    Rock-hard WANTED $1

    Fire hopper is top

    Gumbo123 WANTED $1

    Bandit got on Golden Catch prob best game of the year.

    Ellis98 WANTED $1

    Seen you play a few big bass games and say you like them style of games.. The new-ish one big bass splash is decent.. I’ve also been playing a lot of ‘Gold cash freespins’ gamble all wins for the free spins 🤣

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