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    Darren83 WANTED $11

    Hello Bandit.


    If you are looking for some new slots to try out i have listed a few you.

    1) Cash Truck- Super bonus guaranteed doubler.

    2) Cabin Crashers

    3) Cygnus 2

    4)Space Miners

    5) El Passo Gunfight

    6) Wild Luchador

    7) Book of duat -Max super buy(expensive one best on low stake)


    cda 125 WANTED $1

    Could you play a game for every letter in the alphabet please ?

    Xbobmad WANTED $729

    cda 125 wrote:

    Could you play a game for every letter in the alphabet please ?

    Why not have a go at making a list yourself? What would you like to see bandit play in your alphabet?

    Xbobmad WANTED $729

    While I’m here, next time you’re on Mr Vegas bandit can you give the old classic Pharaoh’s Tomb a blast please (I’ve given up on asking for Donuts lol)

    Gaso WANTED $1

    Hey bandit,big fan,i would like to see you play Cash Truck 2. Similar as money train with a bit of twist.
    Thank you.

    Lethby WANTED $2

    hi bandit can you please have a go on VIKINGS UNLEASHED RELOADED….its def on b.c gaming as iv seen others play it on there.


    RichyRich999 WANTED $8

    Hi Steve, I’ve been playing El Torero quite a bit lately ( sticky wilds in the bonus round ) and it’s been pretty fair to me. Wouldn’t mind seeing you have a crack at it 👏👏

    Whitelighter WANTED $1

    I can’t believe you haven’t tried Pine of Plinko 2 yet. Cracking bonus but don’t gamble the bonus. It is all about how many balls you start with, trampolines and opening your golden ball. Most addictive game you will ever play. Please try it if they have it

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)