mental illness and addictive personality

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    Brickingit69 WANTED $4

    I have major depression an addictive personality and get bored Very easily if it ain’t drugs its alcohol if not that it is what ever comes along next and it is always destructive, the last vain of hell is gambling i discovered online slots around 7 months a go and its snowballed to the point i am missing rent food every thing, just lots £340 in 5 minuets buying £50 instant bonuses and was daylight robbery its making me want to slit my through, so much more going on as well i used gambling to escape but it has become a hell haven, only one thing stopping me doing some thing crazy i am at my wits end

    cheryl WANTED $0

    I have been a long time viewer. Your post made me want to register and reach out to you. I am a long time gambler and the highs and lows can be mind blowing!! Mental health is intrinsically linked and my thoughts go out to you.

    Stop now. Easier said than done I know trust me.

    Your life is worth so much more x Dig deep, I am thinking of you



    Gamefreak WANTED $11

    Call the samaratins they can help and get gamban sorted. Nothing is worth the destruction that taking your own life does to friends and family. It is only ever a situational thought process. Problems can be sorted, stay strong

    Stevie25 WANTED $254

    Hi Brickingit

    I’m very sorry to hear this and hope you can get through this difficult time, mate you need help, if an anonymous source helps go online or phone someone from AA alcoholics Anonymous or GA gamblers anonymous and please do it quickly for you & your loved ones sake.

    Don’t sweat the money, we’ve all been there including me. Life is far more important than paper, never forget that and also your closest people will understand.

    Please seek help asap bro, please.


    5im0nd1 WANTED $4

    Relax dude. It’s going to be ok and it will work itself out this week. You need to exclude yourself from online gambling through each site you are on. That’s the easy bit. Just do it and the temptation isn’t there. Then this coming week you will slowly see your money not going out. And when you get paid, be it next week or the end of the month, you won’t be able to gamble online and you won’t be doing your bollocks in. Just start by self exclusion and don’t be so hard on yourself. Relax and say ‘fuck this! I ain’t lining their pockets anymore, I’m lining my own’ good luck. Do it and you will feel better immediately! I promise.

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Best place to start would be somewhere like the Samaritans mate, they will have a chat with you and you can discuss your thoughts and so on, you then want to take yourself over to the Gamban page and at least have a read of what they are about and look into the Gamstop service too – both of those can help put a stop to any sort of online gambling if that is what you need.

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