Last call for some Net-Ent gems :(

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    blueyes WANTED $80

    Yes September 5th 2018 is the last time you can play several Net-Ent slots so fill your boots folks…Games up for the chop are as follows:


    Big Bang-High variance up to 32x multiplier huge wins possible.


    Fantasini: Master of Mystery-Twin Spin clone with magician theme.


    Nrvna-Net-Ents feeble attempt at copying Montezuma always broke when Bandit played it anyway.


    Tornado: Farm Escape- Bandit used to play this a lot so last chances to spin it Steve!


    Glow- The fruit shop clone that nobody asked for, looks pretty plays awful. Be glad to see the back of this!


    As I stated above if you like any of these games get spinning right away as with Net-Ents other lost games it’s highly likely they will not be back!

    Jayjay230 WANTED $32

    Yeah evolution it think has had the chop Aswell can’t find it anywhere

    The Bandit WANTED $5,374
    El Bandito

    Not Evolution! I love that game! I also like the tornado one, why do they get rid of games sometimes? Annoying!

    blueyes WANTED $80

    Jayjay230 wrote:

    Yeah evolution it think has had the chop Aswell canโ€™t find it anywhere

    Hopefully it’s just in process of being changed to HTML5 eh. Not heard anything about it being removed.

    blueyes WANTED $80

    That’s these 5 slots all gone now as my source told me, really hoped it wasn’t true. ๐Ÿ™

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Well this is depressing – played Tornado for the first time the other day and had an absolute monster win on it (it just kept going, think I collected like 28 of the same object or something mad). RIP!

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