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    Callan WANTED $3

    Hey Everyone,

    I’ve noticed a shift from local players and a chunk of the online streamers that they are taking a break, not necessarily quitting. Nearly all because they feel the games are playing differently – I also concur something has changed.

    Whilst I doubt the RTP has been messed with, as the published figures remain the same, it does feel as if the play is substantially different.

    Prior to 2023 I can only think of once where I’ve gone 1000 spins without a FOBT giving a bonus, but it has happened 11 times since early January for me. Across 25p/50p/£1 and £2 stakes.

    When a machine was playing that rough you were almost guaranteed the next board/bonus would be the jackpot and would invariably repeat – that seems to have changed too.

    It now feels that every machine is a grind from the start with almost no chance of even having a good game. I accept every time I walk in the money in my pocket is lost, but the purchase of entertainment now also seems to have gone.

    What is everyone else thinking about this? If anything!


    As for online? If anyone has had a free spins bonus on Treasure Box Dynasty, please speak up – I’m starting to believe it is added to the graphics but physically impossible!


    ImperialDragon WANTED $68

    We’re talking about £100s digitals in pubs and £500s digitals in arcade?  I don’t play them enough these days, but I think all of these games are random chance.  They can go for hundreds of pounds without a bonus.

    Fruit and club machines are all but gone now and they were compensated which made them less dangerous.  Still dangerous of course but less so than a random number generator.

    For online, the bonus is non-existent on Max Megaways (by Big Time Gaming), even though Stop ‘n’ Step has had it a few times.

    The devil WANTED $76

    Online has definitely changed not fussed what anyone says, a small example I would play book of dead a lot and I mean a lot was my favourite game I’d deposit solely to play that and I had some great luck and some shit luck, but for me when you get the explorer in the bonus there was many of times you would never see him but the amount of times I’ve had 3 of him and 4 of him was also a lot and I had full screen once, now more recently whenever I play the game and I land the explorer I’ve never had 3 in any bonus over the last year maybe more never ever had 3, and yes I don’t play the game as much as I used too but I still play it quite a bit because it’s a classic to me but I don’t get good hits on it anymore, I’ve had full screen of every symbol bar pineapple head but plenty 4s of him now I don’t get full screen premiums haven’t had one for years so just on that game alone I know fine well something has changed.

    But on another hand I’ve heard a lot of people saying the bonus on outlaw is hard yet I’ve had more enhanced bonuses than I have normal ones and I land the bonus every time I play it, I had 3 enhanced bonuses in one day on outlaw which has got to be rare so my opinion is something has changed but what exactly I’m not sure

    ImperialDragon WANTED $68

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree on what others said about Outlaw.

    I’ve given it fair few chances now and only bonused it once.  I picked the side equivalent to High Voltage (with the climbing multiplier wild reel).  It paid quite well, just over 75X, but again it’s only the 1 time I bonused it.  Last time I played Outlaw, I put £175 through it on 60p stake and not a sniff.

    Out of the recent BTGs, I get on far better with Golden Catch and Millionaire Rush.

    Slot WANTED $39

    if you gamble for a long time, you should know March is the worst month to gamble slots they don’t pay much, and by the middle of April they start paying again

    farahtrousers WANTED $22

    I get what I trust are updates (of course this could be bs) on certain friends/acquaintances playing and you know you get to know them over time.

    1. Single man lost £7000 in a horrific 24 hour session on 500£ fobts
    2. A couple lost £3000 in a few hours on two fobts a couple weeks later

    Subsequent play on these fobts didnt see them tripping over themselves to pay anything back, with some folks getting hammered afterwards too chasing other peoples losses.

    I hate to say it btu I feel there is no way on gods green earth these slots are even paying 50% rtp. oh and random ? bs.

    ImperialDragon WANTED $68

    Slot wrote:

    if you gamble for a long time, you should know March is the worst month to gamble slots they don’t pay much, and by the middle of April they start paying again

    Is there a reason behind March being the worst month to gamble?

    For me, I find that January is the worst month.  My reasoning is because some peoples New Year’s resolutions is to stop gambling, which means less people in the pubs, arcades and bookies.  As a response, the slots are less ‘swingy’ due to them being played less than normal.  Then come February, 4-6 weeks into the year and a proportion of these New Year’s resolutioners will have broken their resolutions, go back to gambling and the slots become more swingy again.

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