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    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    lukey924 wrote:

    Seedy wrote:

    Great to see that this can help so many people!

    Great work with this Ste mate.

    Hi Bandit,

    In July 2017 i think you offered one of these free codes which ran out quite quickly. I missed out but you sent me another free company with a 2 year ban.

    I now cannot remember what the company was and two years has passed and it is still active on my laptop.


    Just wondered if you could remember which company it was?



    Hi lukey,

    I have no idea what software bandit would have given you but it is more advised now to sign up to gamstop as this is more of a blanket ban and Is not software dependent.

    Hope this helps.

    Ristah WANTED $4

    @bandit allow comments on youtube now pal. Its been agies!

    Janeydrew29 WANTED $2

    hi just wanted to let you all hear my story.. 13 years ago my daughter was raped she was only 13. It wrecked our whole family so I turned to gambling 13 years later and 33 thousand of debt I’ll be debt free by the end of next year I owe 9 grand now. It was my escape and boy did I escape!!! I signed up to gamstop and for the last 18 months I can’t sign up to any sites believe me I have tried so it’s been a god send. I watch you and chip and Nick which really does curb the craving to gamble my husband thinks im mad watching you lot lol so thank you Steve and anyone needing to stop please sign up to gamstop it really does stop you signing

    Kobra1977 WANTED $1

    I didn’t unfortunately use Gamban, as I mistakenly went for Gamstop instead. I did it from December last year and it has blocked all online gambling. It has stopped all the sites that I’ve been to and it is enabled until 2023. Really good alternative.


    i thought if you was on gamban you couldent get on any sites so its only on devises with the software you cant well i can see why so many people struggling with this so easy to pick up another device what dosent have that software and you could carry on gambling i was under the impression it bared you by your name and email things like that i can see some serious flaws in this and if someone wants to gamble having this on every device in there house they could still find another device to gamble

    dandapper87 WANTED $3

    Ok so i know this is my first post on as many will probably give me stick for this…

    This is is relation to responsible gambling , gamble within your means etc.. etc..

    I have watched bandits youtube channel and frequently visited here for a read and catch up with peoples wins (through big wins posted) and read through the forum for the best part of the last two years… However the last few months my love for your content has been dwindled away.

    Bandit made a good chunk of money playing reel king as we all know…and as of the last video made a 7k profit as far as i seen.. and total profit over 200k maybe? maybe more?

    However, Sorry beforehand if this offends people but the way he gambles is not responsible. As a compulsive gambler myself there is all the signs as that there is compulsive gambling.. deposit after deposit… chasing loses..trying to hit that big jackpot profit win.. spending hours upon hours gambling.. taking breaks from gambling due to loses . These are all compulsive gambling traits.

    Its all well and good promoting responsible gambling but seriously who on here can afford to lose 10% of their wages or savings a month to gambling? Yet 100k lose in a session is justified as i am gambling within my means and responsibly..

    Unless you have 10-20 million sitting in your account or if your earning 500k-1m a month then maybe its responsible?

    Dont all try to kill me at once haha…. opinions?




    kojak WANTED $64

    Partially agree DanDapper, but not entirely.

    The nosebleed stakes recorded by Bandit have been hard to watch, but it’s all been results oriented, i.e. Wild Swarm (spend £10k filling the hive, but then take a £20k bonus), and Reel King (Endless £5k deposits all chasing a “top”).  When you know there’s a pot of gold at the end it’s really not so hard to understand the big numbers wagered, in fact it would be stupid to stay at the middling £2 and £5 stakes in those cases if you have the means to play higher.
    As it goes, they all now seem to have tailed off a bit as I gather hitting the top on RK has turned into a near impossible feat and I’ve witnessed a good few dud “swarms” that people have sweated over.

    I’m curious, what makes you suggest an income of £500k a month to play big stakes?  Bear in mind that gambling is a source of income for Bandit in some way or another (you can be as angry as you like about that), would you not consider it an investment?

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