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    The Bandit WANTED $2,707
    El Bandito

    If you feel you are gambling too much or it is getting out of control and you would like to put a stop to even being able to load the sites up in the first place, you can try Gamban’s gambling blocking software.

    You would usually have to pay for the software but right now, there is a promotional code paid for by myself that will provide 3 months of free service, enter thebandit1981 on the payment page and the price will go to zero. Ensure you remove the auto renew option if you do not want to continue after 3 months because at that point there will be a charge of £9.99 per device for a further 12 months if you leave the auto renew feature on.

    Some people are experiencing problems in relation to Apple products but you can always give it a try and see what happens even if it is an Apple product you are looking at protecting as it won’t cost you anything.

    Visit to start the process.

    This code is designed to give you a good period of free protection for you to determine if it is what you need, whether it actually works and whether it saves you money. It is designed to show you that if you haven’t gambled for the whole of the 90 days with the software applied then it is hugely worth the £9.99 at the end for continued protection.

    There have been instances where people haven’t managed to activate the service or perhaps the service failed in some way, your best bet when something like that occurs is to use Gamban’s own customer service purely down to the fact that i myself, don’t have the software activated on any of my devices for obvious reasons and i am therefore unable to speak from personal experience on this one.

    Please ensure you read all about the service before actually taking the plunge, i say this just so you are completely sure it is what you want, this will attempt to block every single form of gambling accessible online, whether it be a casino, a bookmaker for your weekend footy bet, the lottery or a bongo site, it is designed to stop the lot.

    Seedy WANTED $207

    Great to see that this can help so many people!

    Great work with this Ste mate.

    Buggy WANTED $3

    After winning 12k in just over a week, I decided to have a further little flutter, This flutter lasted all night and cost me £400.

    I was so engrossed in the slots I totally forgot I was supposed to meet up with my best mate for food and a catch up. I slept in, missed the meet up and felt like crap when my mate told me he was sat waiting for me.

    Because of this I decided to use GamBan to take a 3 month break.

    Thanks For this Ste.


    Buggy0510 (Lee)

    Karter WANTED $3

    Real thank you for the information, it was very usfull, man

    Akky91 WANTED $2

    This is most probably not the best place to comment this but. I loved your videos and with the view on the slots by you I dont think you ever encouraged me to gamble. I have signed up for gamban with your code so thank you for that. Unfortunately as I dont want to fall back into gambling I won`t watch anymore of your videos but GL in the future!

    Mureahko WANTED $3


    I just wanted to thank you for the Gamban promotion. I took it around 4 months ago when I was playing most of my salary and living on spaghetti. Afterwards I’ve canceled Gamban and don’t need it anymore as I only play with what I can afford to lose and using small stakes.

    I really respect you for always pointing out that you should only play what you can expect to lose because you will lose it eventually. You have helped me a great deal and I’m grateful!

    donkeykong WANTED $1

    Went all in yesterday feels so bad now had a few wins early in the year thought I could repeat it now 7k plus in debt because of gambling if anyone reads this try not to let it take hold it’s far too easy for it to happen. Now just like to say cheers to The Bandit for promoting Gamban as when I was pissed up last night throwing money assay I also had a moment of clarity and signed up to gamban for 5year!! Will not be going down this road again feel sick 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Shit happens I guess.

    stvbles WANTED $1

    I managed to get a few decent cash outs in December and seen myself just pouring it back in with the thought “ahh it’s all profit anyway”. Used GamStop and Gamban and closed all accounts to make sure. The instant weight off my shoulders is immense. I actually feel free. I wasn’t out of hand just YET but I could see it coming.

    Stick in there everyone.

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