Bet365 bet credit conundrum

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    Chdl1990 WANTED $25

    hello all!

    so I have held a bet365 account for some time now, however a while back I self excluded as I had far too many betting accounts on the go. Cut too last week I get an email about bet credits in my account. So I log in to find £85 in bet credits, strange I don’t remember them.

    Awesome I think, Cheltenham and weekend football here we come, never bet anywhere near that so was very excited.

    attempting to place bets and nothing would work. Contact chat, they say your excluded until 2021, so I ask why on Earth have you told me about the bet credits, why are they sat in my account and surely they will disappear before then.

    i was told they would still be there in 2021 despite their terms clearly stating they expire after 60 days…hmmmm

    so I asked is there anything at all I can do with them, say transfer to another account or anything at all. No i’m told, wait until 2021.

    has anyone else had anything like this? Is there anything that can be done? Do people think they will still be there?

    Shame £85 on Cheltenham would have been some fun!! Maybe in 2 years 😂😂

    Quazzi WANTED $126

    If you close your account don’t they have to payout your balance? Or is it bonus funds?

    Chdl1990 WANTED $25

    It’s bet credits so like free bets/bonus funds. So I realise i’m not exactly entitled to it or able to withdraw it, just sucks there doesn’t seem to be anything at all I can do until 2021

    Masquerade WANTED $8

    I had a bit of a run-in with Bet365 CS over chat earlier. I had self-excluded from everything a couple of years’ ago apart from sports – fair enough, I was a bit of a roulette fiend at the time so that worked for me. However, as a result of this, they also capped my deposit limits at the same time to £500 / month. Not a problem…..

    ….. wind forward two years. I was off out on the beers last month so put limits on (£25, £50, £100) to avoid any stupidity whilst drunk (for a change). It then became clear that Bet365 do not allow you to adjust your limits upwards as you are considered a problem-gambler for self-excluding. The guy, Joe, on chat just insisted that I phone them up and be patronised down the phone about responsible gambling.

    Totally politely, I pointed out that I would take my business elsewhere as I did not want to be told how to behave with my hard-earned. Either, he re-instated the ability for me to change my limits back to the £500/month, he changed the limits himself or he closed my account and confirmed by email. I said I would not discuss further and did say “Thank you for your time” before ending the chat session.

    Account is now restricted. Maybe I should throw the GDPR “Right to be forgotten” at Joe ? 🙂  Or, perhaps, I’ll leave things for another three years until the other self-exclusions expire and then see whether they have changed their processes (or gone out of business for being too patronising)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)