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    satman WANTED $2

    So then, you commented on my You tube post regarding your current RTP…

    I felt quite honoured!!


    really not looking to get on the wrong side of you, as you have the platform where I don’t really have the ability to reply.


    but the stats are true ( I’m not the one collecting them BTW I’m not an anorak )


    and 1200 + features doesn’t go back as far as you would think, bear in mind it’s only been measured on your “ on screen” bonus buys so doesn’t even include your 2 x max wins on mental for instance.


    I have said on a follow up comment on YT I’m happy to send you the data if you email me so I can send it … ( I would post it here as it’s not exactly sensitive info) but it won’t let me post a spreadsheet.


    the point I was trying to make was that it was a warning.


    I have followed you for years and have loved your content and the fact it gave a realistic view of the gambling highs and lows.


    ever since you have migrated to the world of crypto, your results have not shown that and have given a very skewed picture of bonus buying on these sites.


    people never needed to watch your videos previously for long until  they found one where you were right royally  fisted by the slotting gods, however nowadays you always manage a 1 for the road escape or a lucky bonus to turn it around.

    This is what a few of us had been discussing in private and trying to come up with valid reasons for it, and as the streak has continued and we have all played on the same site ( under your bonus code FYI) we have all had a really different experience !!

    the longer it continues and the more and more amazing comebacks and insane hits you get and the more the RTP rises the more it point towards another factor being in play.


    now it could just be you are the luckiest MoFo to ever walk the earth, !! this is an option, but there are other conceivable explainations too…

    as used by many streamers around the internet:


    there are a plethora of fans that will fight your corner and swear black and blue everything is legit, and maybe it is…

    Kudos for sharing the fact you were £100k up on the site that contains letters btw ( see credit where it’s due )


    but don’t knock the fact that the data is the data and as I can say happy to send it, and maybe if you see it you will concur that from an outsiders PoV it does look somewhat questionable…








    The Bandit WANTED $5,374
    El Bandito

    I don’t believe the stats i’m afraid, this would imply that i’m up on my videos at the current casino i play at which i’m not – i guess it depends how many videos 1200 bonuses covers, perhaps you put it that way to mislead? Either way, without my mad money train 4 week, none of which appeared in a traditional video due to being at the bar or pub, i’m miles down there.

    Spin_em_in WANTED $13

    When you are playing at the letters site steve there is a little button below the slot

    Click this at the start of the session (on the first game). Itll open a little widget that keeps track of wins/loss (spins and buys) and wagered/profit (-/+)

    When you change games youll have to click it again to open it, but the stats carry over unless you refresh the site or reset the graph.

    satman WANTED $2



    I will find out from the “anorak” when he started the data… and it wasn’t done or worded in any way, in order to manipulate anything… I assumed your brain fart on 9-5 that time where you cremated a decent balance would have hit it hard but it didn’t make that much difference in the grand scheme of things,

    as I have said, message me an email address or a way of sending it to you and I’ll shoot it over… it does make interesting reading… and for transparency the reason we started it initially was to see if the stats were able to predict what games you were potentially due a win on or a loss… so for instance 9-5 I believe initially you hit 3 max wins off 11 spins ( that’s from memory )


    the average is 1/7 ish so you were way above the curve…

    next session it battered you …

    sugar rush you hit hard on your first crypto site for a 2.5k and a 7k I think ( memory again ) then it went feral….

    interesting I think your latest big win on it was on the new site… which obviously doesn’t have your history to worry about…


    we have felt slots are compensated some way in the back ground for a long time now and that’s how this all started.. it’s not a witch hunt!

    cos you would make a rubbish witch !!

    so let me send it to you,



    The Bandit WANTED $5,374
    El Bandito

    I’ve asked the host for my RTP including and excluding MT4, i will show you what he says as that’s the only place these 1200 bonuses will have been at. Can’t you just post it here?

    satman WANTED $2


    So… in answer to your question, Sadly no I cant post it on here, it doesn’t let me post a file,  But I have just posted a screen grab of the last entries Just to prove it actually exists !!


    for reference it started on your ” Release the Kraken video from just over 2 months ago, and has included every Video since, However for transparency (and I did say this previously ) its only been on your Feature Buy Bonuses as these were what we were looking into, and as soon as you include your base game hits and losses its skews the data. (its also a couple of videos behind, (I will sack the anorak !!)

    so it does EXclude your Hacksaw 5x more likely spins that you have been doing recently….. however the trend that we noticed was before you started doing them anyways as the spreadsheet shows,

    if you look at the top line on the screen grab you will see the running totals and the RTP.


    The running totals over the course of the spreadsheet are interesting as when you started they were not great and in fact thinking back, you initial dabble into the Crypto casino, you were quite despondent and went back to Mr Vegas for a few videos….

    But then as you went up the levels and became a Higher VIP and presumably had contact with the affiliate bods at the casino, your luck began to improve, at round about the time you offered the referral code which incidentally we did use in appreciation of your content.

    Your run from that point onward has been….. lets say ” extraordinarily  lucky” to have maintained an RTP on Feature Buys over 100%


    what has made life a little awkward is that you have moved onto a different site, and if the theory that there are some sort of compensation algorithms  in play, changing to a new site skews that, however as a for instance….

    You are currently running at a MAHOOOSIVE 179.41% RTP on Wild Unicorns

    you have wagered 23,700 in Feature Buys

    you have Returns of 42,521.20

    with a Profit of 18,821.20


    Now in essence thats over a fairly small sample on one game (58 Bonuses to be precise)


    So well within the realms of standard deviation, however you also said you sessioned this a few times at the bar, for which we haven’t seen the returns  so on the figures we have to go on you are well and truly due to be fisted on that slot for sure. so it would be interesting for you to play a few features on that and see if the data and the theory hold up (not that it would prove anything on such small numbers but would be interesting)


    So bear in mind when you go to your rep and ask the question, that this is for Bonus buys only and obviously only includes what we see…

    and then maybe you can see where I was actually coming from with my original post.












    The Bandit WANTED $5,374
    El Bandito

    Ok so it’s a pretty small sample then and doesn’t take in to account all of my play on that site so it’s basically useless surely? I don’t get how you can just stick a comment on saying “running at 110% rtp for last 1200 bonuses” when clearly i’m not am i! Bit of a misleading one that i’m afraid.

    I’m never going to agree with some randoms recording of my bonus buy rtp either really am i, there could be all sorts of rubbish in there, only way i’d know myself is by doing it myself and we all know i can’t be fucked with that, all i know is i’m down on that casino on my vids so can’t possibly be a +100% rtp

    I’m sure you can appreciate my difference of opinion.

    Snake Bite WANTED $2

    Can you give book of duat a bash in some of your future videos mate , thanks

    Slot WANTED $43

    The Bandit wrote:

    Ok so it’s a pretty small sample then and doesn’t take in to account all of my play on that site so it’s basically useless surely? I don’t get how you can just stick a comment on saying “running at 110% rtp for last 1200 bonuses” when clearly i’m not am i! Bit of a misleading one that i’m afraid.

    I’m never going to agree with some randoms recording of my bonus buy rtp either really am i, there could be all sorts of rubbish in there, only way i’d know myself is by doing it myself and we all know i can’t be fucked with that, all i know is i’m down on that casino on my vids so can’t possibly be a +100% rtp

    I’m sure you can appreciate my difference of opinion.

    non-gambler young gamblers don’t get it how slots casinos work, they think Casino owns the slots and they can do anything they like, but they don’t get it casinos have no access to slots to change RTP as they wish

    satman WANTED $2

    Appreciate the reply Bandito,


    it’s not that small a sample it’s over 1500 bonus buys now, I literally just posted a screen shot of the front page to purely show you it existed.

    my point about it only covering your onscreen buys was to show that it hasnt included some of your big wins you have mentioned ( 2 x mental Max wins for instance ) as it doesn’t show any of your off screen losses either so that would make the data bias.

    so the only thing it can show is what you do online, and that was my initial concern and hence my post as over recent months; despite you whinging like a little bitch all the time ( which we enjoy, it’s what we come to listen too) you are on such a hot streak ( on screen ) that it gives a false impression.

    you may not feel it over the past few videos ( I am 2 vids behind, but the anorak is up to date and says you are still at 107% )

    I’ve just realised that sounds awful calling him that !! The “ statistician” from herein !! I am like you I couldn’t be arsed, he used to track all my data and wins and losses but got painful when they took off auto plays and FB from VS.
    that’s what he does and he is very good at it, he also used to in the business as a programmer a long time back, so knows there are lots of things going on behind the scene that are not quite as they would have us believe.

    from subtle things like have you noticed every slot has at least 2 symbols that look the same… thats because they can use those symbols to trick the brain for a split second into thinking you have a win, which sends a shot of dopamine ( which is the hit we are chasing when we play) and it does all that for free. And then we chase more because we thought we had won!
    its gets you all the time actually: same with the walking past waving wanker near miss…

    how shitty is that !!

    I think it’s a little churlish tho to just say “ I don’t believe some random, although I get where you are coming from, afford me some credit, do you think I would go to this effort and then it transpire … oh actually we sat there and made it up !!
    you can tell from my references to so many of your sessions and comments that I am an avid watcher and have been for years ( many years actually ) and I am big believer that the industry is corrupt to its core, and that people like yourself are one of the true shining lights of “ reality”


    but when your stats suddenly become massively inflated over the expected, which coincides to the flip to the dark side it raises eyebrows, and you have to see that surely …on the flip side I also feel that you are very generous in allowing me to post this thread and respond to it as you have, and I that in itself speaks volumes for you as a person.

    Hope the mouth is healing Mr Lispy



    russcawley WANTED $10

    Rtp is based over millions (meant to be infinite) of spins and you are looking at a sample size of low four digits. Not just a small sample size – a ridiculously low sample size.

    data sets can be used/ manipulated to prove disprove whatever you want if you aren’t using complete data and choosing which bits of data you want to look at.

    you even stated in one of your own comments that the results on wild unicorn fell well within standard deviation for that sample size.

    you are clearly trying to infer steve has gone to the dark side and is now getting the golden button treatment from the casino for doing so and are using selected data to prove this …why?

    If you want a true figure of how he is doing it’s simple as pretty much all business is – how much have you put in and how much have you took out? Net p+l

    should he have to give that to you? If it was me I would tell you it’s none of your business and to do one.

    If you think it’s rigged don’t watch the videos and go watch somewhere else because trust me the casino doesn’t have a golden button. They have plenty buttons where they can give you free money to play with and you can shill for them like many other streamers.

    the only reason steve has had to go to the dark side is because of people like you who don’t understand gambling and have made it impossible to play on uk casinos with no auto plays, bonus buys etc.

    satman WANTED $2


    please don’t wade in with your half arsed comments where you have clearly not read the whole thread and therefore are totally missing the point.
    I have not asked and would not ask for any financials from anyone,

    i have not asked anything, and I understand exactly how slots and RTP work, and yes 1500 is a small data set but RTP is the only measurement we have and the on screen games we watch are the only data we can use:


    I haven’t cherry picked data,‘it’s every single purchased bonus for over 2 months.

    Steve chose to respond to my initial comment on YT which I’m guessing you haven’t seen and therefore you are missing the whole point of the thread…

    and the other thing I think you have missed is that the thread is the tone, you are coming across as somewhat rude and aggressive..

    so maybe get your tongue out of bandits arse and chill a little… he can fight his own battles and has discussed this amicably.


    as for casinos and the golden button…

    you are trying to simplify a premise that is easily achievable for casinos to use if they wanted too…


    not by flicking a switch, but for example and to be honest I’m loathed to spend too much time on this as you are obviously massively opinionated and this will fall on deaf ears, but hey…


    all games have to be tested by testing houses etc, we all know that; we also know that providers get different versions of the same games tested. For instance, you will know that VS has a lower RTP version of play and go slots I believe.

    so what would be stopping sites having higher version RTP slots too with 105% versions and “ super accounts “ for which the user may not even know about, get directed to the higher RTP versions.

    of you don’t think sites can have super users… think back to the ultimate poker scandal, where certain users could see hole cards.


    I’m not saying this is the case, I’m not saying Bandit is a fraud, I am literally following up from a comment made and backing up that comment with facts…

    so play nice,

    Bandit has been


    ps a genuine question for you then….
    what makes streamers like Foss for  instance  a fake streamer and bandit a genuine one?



    russcawley WANTED $10

    In answer to your direct question I don’t know who foss is but I did used to enjoy watching roshtein even though I knew he was a shill.

    im not a fanboy of steve I have worked over the years in data analysis (manipulation) and for gaming companies. I know more about the super user account in poker than you would think seeing as I was a sponsored pro at the time that scandal broke. I played for many years online when it was easy to make a good living and had even close friends saying I must have rigged accounts because I won multiple World Series seats every year and won sats to pretty much every big tourney all over the world – people really did believe it had to be fixed because I keep winning.

    why would any site chose me or steve or anyone else to have god mode ? What is the benefit to them ? I actually prefer watching the videos where steve does his bollocks as you can hear the tone in his voice – it hurts. That’s what makes a real streamer and not a fake one, when he loses you can hear his pain and as a lifelong gambler myself the highs aren’t so high unless you have the lows. The second best thing to hitting a massive win as a gambler is being stuck huge and getting out , that’s almost as good as the mega win to start.

    question for you – if an rtp on wild unicorns is 187% and you class that as being within standard deviation how can an rtp of 107% on a tiny sample size not fall within standard deviation or expected value?
    If you look at a sample size of 1million bonus buys I would expect the rtp to be +-5% the stated rtp but using the laws of large number sets on a sample size <50k the deviation would lead to an expected deviation of +-20/25%

    I still have my old stats from 40 tabling poker online where some months I ran 100k behind expected value and some month I ran 100k above expected value – sometimes you run well and sometimes you don’t. To get a true picture of if steve is running well you need to look at all bets made especially on compensated games – maybe he’s running well on bonus buys but running twice as bad on naturally landed features ?

    to infer he has switched to dark side and been given a golden account is laughable and could just lead to him disappearing again because he doesn’t need the shit.

    TJTom WANTED $16

    This is an interesting theory, and how much, if any, influence casinos may have over the way games play is something I’ve always wondered about. They probably have none, but it certainly does feel like they do sometimes. I’ve had terrible luck at BC Game for the whole time I’ve played there. However, the crucial point here, as someone has already mentioned, is that we know RTP is calculated over 100s of millions of spins, or bonus buy results, so it’s impossible to draw any reliable conclusions from a data set in the 1000s. Maybe something dodgy is going on, it’s a genuine possibility, but my personal view is that there’s probably not. Bandit has been one of the only legit creators in this game over the years, and I still think he is.

    satman WANTED $2



    Great post, and thank you for being slightly nicer about it this time…


    ok firstly I very much doubt steve is going to disappear, he is making good money out of doing something he loves, I’m not sure where I get these figures from ( maybe from one of his videos, but I got the impression that the revenue from YT goes massively towards funding the £4k deposit on the video .
    plus he is getting revenue from the players at these sites too…

    And…I’m not giving him grief, it’s a discussion point on something that me and a friend noticed when “ stato” decided to track Steve’s results to see if there was any pattern in the RTP on individual games and his subsequent sessions….

    <span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>his on screen run over the past couple of months was extremely “lucky” and hence my initial comment as it felt too good to be true over such a long period of time.. </span>

    and when I say a long period of time, I’m not talking about RTP over millions of spins, I am talking about personally never having a run where for 2 months straight, pretty much every day I played for a couple of hours and won, and worst case I got into a hole and got out of it again to achieve parity ( which I totally agree feels like a win !)


    and again I agree, watching steve go on tilt is the best entertainment ( sorry Bandit but you are sooo funny)

    the Reel King days were amazing and everyone was rooting for you !!)


    my concern was that over those 2 months of videos there appeared to be a very clear message where the “ third time lucky” or one for the road kept paying off, and was giving the message that chasing was the way to go….

    now one thing that I have always admired Steve for is his ability to walk away, that’s hard to do… and sometimes, no matter how deep he will just up and leave a game, and I think that’s part of his reason for success; I get stubborn at times and it usually ends badly !!

    as for poker, you obviously had an edge to be so successful, I presume from the sound of it that you were almost playing GTO before it was even a thing!
    as you seem very to be heavily numbers based, which long term playing the numbers in poker will produce a profit … it’s just a fact, add some exploitative play into that and you have yourself a winning player aka you!! ( very jealous btw I love poker )

    As for the sites having super users, well as players are signing up having watched the videos, surely it would be in their interests to have an affiliate showing positive results to entice people to play…

    So giving an affiliate an edge would potentially be rewarding for them, and the affiliate may not even know.
    Rosh has always been too much for me, although I did love the video where he was playing crazy time and the viewer told him to choose green and the yellow went double double double double double !! His face !!!

    Foss is the same but does give money/watches away to viewers… ( apparently )


    your question about unicorns… hold on I can’t remember it… I’ll be back


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