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    mandy1801 WANTED $1

    okay i was playing wild swarm a lot got quite a lot of hive bursts …started one on videslots and i am 192 bees in and 4.5k in now on 10pound spins its raped me big time and now im at a dilemma to what to do do i save money and keep trying or do i walk away and accept my loss?

    MichaelLFC96 WANTED $114

    Well I’d say you’ve took it too far to leave now, if you’re prepared to dump 4.5k and £10 spins it shouldn’t be a problem!

    1pstaker WANTED $25

    Personally I would take it to 20p, let it pop and then never play the game again.

    Everyone seems to think this is a game to print money with. For all Bandits big wins, there has to be losers elsewhere.

    For me it is a game I will never play as I know what you ‘supposed’ to do, but I could never afford to do it though.

    Larrylamb72 WANTED $17

    Be careful, it raped me too and when it finally burst i got 150x and was still at a massive loss, i built it up again, lost that and more and ended up getting just 50x!! For every big winner there has to be a lot of losers as we all know there is ultimately only ONE winner in the end. I have learnt my lesson on this game but its so hard not to look at all the big hits everyone else gets and want a piece!!! Good Luck……..

    burders WANTED $55

    How about putting it the Bandit that he fiiishes the job for you on £20 spins and you split 50/50?!? How it about Bandito

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