Wild Swarm Comes Through For Me!

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    pedro_smith WANTED $4

    So I fancied a little go on Wild Swarm as I’d seen loads of people having a bash and liked the concept. Deposited £50 last night and managed to max out the hive on the lowest bet before raising to £2 and running out of the £14 I had left after maxing the swarm. Came on this morning and crunched my numbers, reckoning that I could afford to go to £6 spins later (for a short while) but that I’d start at £4 and see where I ended up.

    Well, 15 spins into what I assumed would be an epic journey filled with lots of reloads, the first bee arrives. He pops on his goggles, flies into the hive and BOOM, Swarm Mode activated! First bee.

    Here’s the result…

    So, £50 down from last night I suddenly find myself in massive profit (at least for this session). My question is, should I head to Reel King now?!

    I think not.

    The Bandit WANTED $3,788
    El Bandito

    Good stuff mate, be careful on the Swarm though as i am hearing more and more insane numbers for the amount of bees it is taking to open, someone had 345 recently!

    pedro_smith WANTED $4

    Fear not, I have no aspirations to ‘be the Bandit’ when it comes to Swarm. Gonna enjoy Christmas with the little ones and although I did push it back to max at 20p stake, I’m happy to leave it sitting there for a while.

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