wild swarm

should i lower the stake ?

Wild Swarm

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    Wild_one WANTED $2

    i’ve been playing wild swarm at a low stake of 0.20£ build up the swarm the as soon as i max it to level 5 changed to 0.60 cought 20 bees then changed to 1£ cought anoter 30 bees then changed to 2£ cought another 50 bees then i changed to 4£ cought another 4 bees ,

    Any advice i have 104 bees cought and the swarm didn’t pop .

    Should i increase to 6 £ ?

    Or go back to a lower stake


    This whole venture cost me £900

    Huntball WANTED $7

    Mate that is alot I would push it to 150 ? max it not done by then I would sadly say quite as could cost you another 900 then only pay 20 x

    Good luck


    STH2020 WANTED $38

    I would go for 6 pound if you can afford it. You would think it should go soon, maybe just do little sessions at a time until it pops.


    Either way I hope it goes for you soon and that you have not spent another 900.

    Wild_one WANTED $2

    I hope so , it just getting depressing i played it many time it always breaks around 37 51 63 the most  , i will put another 300£ tomorrow and see if it will pop.

    Biohazard WANTED $671

    Remember with this game, the number of bees you have collected has no correlation on when the swarm will release – they just make it visually appear that way to try and suck players in.

    It could be, technically, another thousand bees before you unleash the swarm. It could also be the next bee.

    Play what you can afford, don’t up the stake solely based on bee count as it’s irrelevant. Good luck! 🙂

    eejit101 WANTED $300

    Only keep raising if youre willing to go to 20/40 quid one day

    BSK1 WANTED $48

    Just don’t do what I did last time, I was about £450 in and I’d played most of the spins on £2 and a few on £4 when I hadn’t had a bee for a while…. balance busy and I had 60p left in so decided to just spin it away…… guess what buzzzzzzzzz ? f##king pop ???

    Meteorologist WANTED $9

    Such a tilting game when it don’t pop!

    Wild_one WANTED $2

    Hi guys

    Just to let you know of the outcome i deposited another 200£ played it in £2 it popped at 109 bee only paid out 434£

    Mitchdagitxh WANTED $6

    Aww man. Fuck eh. I was scrolling down to maybe see an epic win

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