Who Wants to be a Millionaire: bad luck or bad game?

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    RoaDnz WANTED $2

    So my first three bonuses on this game were all losses on 8 spins, all with 83% chance. The first bonus took well over 500 spins to get (I stopped counting). Am I just incredibly unlucky? Should I try again? After this I feel like never touching the game again.

    Wormweed WANTED $42

    Bad luck. The values shown are the real values, so 83% is the actual chance of it being the correct answer. 17% chance to lose is still pretty high.

    I missed two like this today as well, don’t remember exactly what the chance was, but it was around 80%. No idea how many bonuses i had on it today, played it the entire day.

    EnglishGuy WANTED $99

    The really interesting thing about this game, compared to other BTG games.. is that if you watch bandits single slot series on it.. in his first bonus his first and last spins had megaways of 117k.. (i don’t think he noticed).. we haven’t seen a 117k megaways on bonanza yet.. and here it does two in one bonus.. then later on in another bonus, he gets at least 1 more.

    That  has some serious potential, i’m guessing.


    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    Wait few weeks till it’s out at other casino’s.  I’m sure we gonna see some massive wins on this .

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