Where`s the live streams?

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    Mega_Tease WANTED $1

    Hiya Guys, does anyone have links to Bandits live streams? apparently there is a couple that I unfortunately missed.

    churz Folks…


    Smoothoperator WANTED $49
    Xbobmad WANTED $731

    I don’t think the actual live streams were saved as VoD’s. Just imagine someone having internet problems and throwing 50 grand into a fire and you’re pretty much there 😬

    There’s a few Sunday slots on there for when the YouTube channel was removed though

    Smoothoperator WANTED $49

    Oh yeah, just checked, damn!

    Vinny123 WANTED $9

    With all due respect, hoping Bandit has given up on the Reel King marathons,IMHO he is very lucky to have got through

    so many relatively unscathed (hopefully).The basic stratagy of gamble to the top is so dicey, all things being equal

    on a 5 stage gamble ladder the chance of reaching the top is 32 to one,at those odds its very possible to lose hundreds of gambles and increasing the stakes as well is um  frankly suicidal.

    No critizism intended, its his money and he been at it for donkeys years,and still seems ok, just something I couldnt do.

    One other comment, again with respect,how do big losses affect him, the only way I could cope (mentality) is to separate gambling losses and gains from real life and start every day afresh,fraid being a mardy fucker, I have never been able to do that 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)