What’s your go to choice on the fobts ?

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    curt01bios WANTED $2

    have to say I don’t go in the bookies much anymore, but the odd time I go in I only really play giants gold,


    just find it sligjtly more more predictable and entertaining to play,


    is there a better slot ?

    ImperialDragon WANTED $68

    I play on FOBTs, but strictly category B3 only.  Same category as arcade machines.

    I like Imperial Dragon (obviously my user name), Thai Flower and most other Barcrests (Monty’s Millions, Star Wars, Ooh Aah Dracula etc).  Having said that, I’ve never got on very well with Rainbow Riches!  Outside of Barcrest, I like Reel King.

    My least favourite slot is Eye of Horus.  The Bandit plays a similar / clone of this online.  Can’t remember what it’s called – Pharaoh’s [something].

    miss_tasty80 WANTED $16

    I like to play fishing frenzy or black knight I’ve never had a big win but I do enjoy playing them

    Spidermint WANTED $98

    miss_tasty80 wrote:

    I like to play fishing frenzy or black knight I’ve never had a big win but I do enjoy playing them

    Bet you shout “fish!” either in your head or under you breath in the bonus round!? 😉

    curt01bios WANTED $2

    Yea never had a decent win on fishing frenzy either and to be fair most bonuses are terrible 5x 10x but not much compares to the thrill of seeing a load of fish and waiting for franky to drop

    curt01bios WANTED $2

    Montys, I forgot about that until recently I’ve had some decent hits on that to be fair, looks out dated now I think but still enjoyable

    The Bandit WANTED $5,352
    El Bandito

    I like the game called Pure Gold on them, i have had many a successful punt tbh, it is the one with the sticky pots when you play on £20 spins and you need a minimum of 3 to get the pots of gold feature, i have also done absolute bollocks on them too though of course haha

    kingofpennies WANTED $15

    I play FOBT’s and find them harder to bonus now days as it seems that they always paying low amounts as big wins. As my username I don’t play above 50p on stakes as I find games like Eye of Horus pays better if not more than higher stakes. I do struggle with King Kong Cash you spin your balls away and not get anything decent. I only wish I could have the gamble ladder on Reel King in the Bookies as it I would be giving it some Bandit action and screaming me lungs out if I hit the top, don’t know if I’d get band for that haha.

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