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    Vinny123 WANTED $9

    After Steve banging on about 9 till 5, it finally appeared on BC,what a crock of shit, blew £500 on it in couple of minutes,paid bugger all on the 20p buys so I thought I would give the God Mode buy one try,about £275 on 20p,should have read the instructions,pressed start,one spin, lose, waiting for the rest of the spins till i realized that was it.One bleeding spin.Seems its a shit or bust chance for a max win.

    Cant wait to see it get The Bandit treatment.Finally managed to get most of the loss back on Mental after nearly busting out.

    Smoothoperator WANTED $49

    Yeah, I had a bash on demo mode, started with €10000, €280 buys on 20cent stake, hit max win 7 times, still busted the 10k, max win is only 9200x.. it does do back to back though, he needs to be careful on that one and limit himself to maybe 5 spins after he’s already in decent profit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)