What a session!

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    argyl53 WANTED $419

    I have to share this, because it’s just bonkers. So yesterday I started playing a mix of slots, mostly Bonanza, some NetEnts and some Novomatics. After about four hours I was £500 in, £425 down, only £75 left. Against my better judgement, decided to have a bash on NetEnt live roulette with the remaining balance, see if I could boost it up a little to get some more slot time out of it. It went on a mental run of my jackpot numbers, within 10 minutes I was up to £550 (and it could’ve been £3k if I’d been a bit bolder with my bets!) – bear in mind this is off me betting like £40 a time with £1 on about 15 numbers and £2 or £3 on another five or six.

    Took this back to the slots, Bonanza drops in a bonus on 60p, it goes for over £250.

    So far I’m feeling pretty good – I’ve got all my money back plus £100 profit sitting in a withdrawal.

    I head on over to the Novos again with the change, lose a bit, couple of not great features on a few games, then I hit about £70 off 30p on Book of Ra Magic. Take that to good old Captain Venture, 25 odd spins in the bonus lands on 50p stake, that goes for 100 spins and pays £275. I have another 40 spins on 80p, nothing. My playing balance at this point is something like £153. I think whatever, 2 spins at £1.50 and I’ll move in. The second and last spin, I finally hit a Venture bonus on a decent stake!! Seriously, after hitting like 1000x before on 30p, I’m excited to see those scatters on a proper stake. The wheel gives me 10 spins. I’m crushed – 9 times out of 10, this is a bonus that will pay f**k all and not retrigger.

    It retriggers on the last spin. Ends up going for 90 spins paying £650.

    All in all, off £500 in I’ve withdrawn £1500 and had about 45 features on a dozen different games doing it.

    What a session! Really not often it works out that way for me and so close to Christmas too 🙂


    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Awesome wins bud! Nothing like a monster run like that!

    Buy you and your family something nice for Christmas with the winnings 🙂

    tyti1000 WANTED $43

    Nice one. Up and down,up at the end, good news.

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