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    I’m considering this and wondered if anyone else had experienced it? (I know the bandit has)

    My BMI is over 40 and i really struggle to lose weight, been following slimming world with the missus to the book for 8 week and she’s lost over a stone while I’ve struggled to lose 2 pound. I’ve got an appointment booked at the doctors next week to hopefully look into it a little deeper. I’ve been 20 stone plus since I was 18 and i’m starting to feel the impact on my body.

    My metabolism seems to be near 0.

    I’m not body conscious but the health side of it is one i need to take serious now i’m getting a bit older.

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    El Bandito

    I peaked at pretty much 24 stone and it was after a holiday with the family that i thought fuck it i am going to sort it with surgery, i couldn’t fit in the plane seat, i couldn’t fit in any restaurant seat out there and i was just a fat knacker really lol at 6 ft 6 though, i carried it well so said everyone so i wasn’t a blob or anything!


    I had a Gastric Sleeve, which is actually the removal of up to 85% of the stomach and a permanent thing so yeah, pretty serious.


    I had the op and it was a 45 minute thing and i was back in my room but then my blood pressure started to be really low, like 68/50 low so they gave me some weird gel stuff to artificially boost it back to the normal 120/80 is it? Something like that anyway but long story short, it turned out that i had internal bleeding and they needed to sort it pretty quickly or i could become a statistic! I lost just over 2 litres of blood and they kind of said, if i wasn’t so big in the first place i would have probably popped it!


    Tbh it fucked me up for a few months, it right knocked my recovery into proper long term territory. My blood level took months to recover but weight wise, it dropped off really fast. I am 10 months on now pretty much and i have lost 8 stone, i swing between 16 stone and 16 stone 4 on a weekly basis these days and i would class myself as slim to look at now so all those haters in my vid comments calling me a fat cunt…. do some research 😀


    Would i recommend it? Yes, i would do it again because a big part of doing it was so i could be much more active with the kids and i am just that now so it was well worth it, just a bit scary with the complications but usually, it is just a straightforward, 1 hour operation. The hardest part of the whole eating thing afterwards is the psychological side, you still “want” to smash in loads of shite, you just physically can’t, you actually don’t have any hunger feeling whatsoever for the first few months and then when the feeling comes back it’s a strange different kind of feeling whereby you know you just have to put something in. Fast forward to today and i am still quite restricted as to what i can fit in, a starter in a pub is usually enough for me to be full even now.


    All the best with it if you go ahead mate and keep us posted!

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    Cheers for your reply mate, only just checked back in this thread!

    Remember watching your vids after the surgery and you sounded half dead! Pretty scary stuff!

    I’ve been assessing my options but hit a slight snag along the way in that I need surgery to remove a rouge bollock that’s wondered up into my abdomen, No word of a lie. (a more complex orchiectomy) . My chances of testicular cancer have increased 8 fold so they need to remove it. They are not going to look at weight loss options until that is sorted but they would like me to lose weight for the op obviously.

    My job gives me quite a lot of time off in the year so I spend that drinking and eating usually but I have 8 weeks until my pre op consultation so i’m dieting and moving to try and get some timber off for that.

    Obviously when i’m dieting and not losing weight it kills my motivation so hopefully moving more will sort it out a bit!

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    Hey mate,

    Don’t know what your physical shape is but if you want to lose weight fast(this is cheating)

    Clenbuterol 40mg tablets one a day, stay off the carbs and do light exercises and the weight will fly off. It can cause high blood pressure and I wouldn’t ever recommend anything to someone without the person reading into it but I have a few friends who were on the heavy side and they dropped a lot of weight doing short cycles. Hope this helps and if you’re against it I get it.

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