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    John26285 WANTED $1

    Anyone else had an issue with accidently hitting max bet while wagering and going over the £5, i did 2x £10 spin on gonzo quest by mistake as it was next to the click button the bets did not win and now im worried the casino(slots cafe) wont pay me the £3000 i won through the wagering, they tell me they will update me in 48 hours, it was £14000×35 wagering as well

    Xbobmad WANTED $716

    Slots cafe is a White Hat casino. If you don’t have any luck give Rocknrollas forum a try, they might have a rep on there because 21 is the same group that work with him a lot… or Hackz on there should be able to point you in the right direction 👍

    Smellslikearmpit WANTED $2

    Hate doing that myself, I feel ya, but seriously, why TF do they have a max bet button on nearly every slot, then make the button sometimes bigger than the spin button itself, then place that button so close the the spin button??  They have a “change wager” section, they should leave it at that, but nope, they want you to either push that button by accident, or, if tilting, the button is a suggestion to go full tilt, just stupid and under handed IMO, especially with the no auto spin stuff, caught me out a few times where I’m just clicking away, lean over to stroke my cat or something, look back, and I’m now on max bet, and, of course, you never seem to win either when you’ve maxed by accident, I just don’t see the need for that button, no need at all, it doesn’t even tell you how much the max is either, so most gamblers wouldn’t feel comfortable just hitting that button without visiting and checking the change wager section to see how much it is, so, whilst there, they could just set the max if they want that, meaning the button doesn’t save anyone time, so it’s probably there for the benefit of only a handful of players and pishes off the other 99 percent of us…


    I’d LOVE them to remove those buttons, or, at the very least, when you push that button, it asks you to confirm this is what you want to do and let you know the stake, if you choose to proceed, no other interruptions, simples, no need to be dirty, or maybe I’m missing something??  Does anyone find those Max Bet buttons super useful or know why they are there, I sometimes miss real obvious sht?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)