VIKINGS Unleashed Megaways RELOADED guide

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    DirtBag1976 WANTED $5



    As requested lad…


    I went on Vikings Unleashed Megaways RELOADED on 10p. stake buying 35 quid top bonus and here you have results:


    30 spins/10k megaways/10x –> 1075x

    30spins/15k megaways/10x –> 2445x

    30spins/25k megaways/10x –> 4126x

    30spins/50k megaways/10x –> 7126x

    30spins/75k megaways/10x –> skipped

    30spins/117649 megaways/10x –> 11057x


    Tip No1: buying any other option than max buy 350x is pure waste of time no matter how many attempts you throw on it..I have practiced that

    Tip No2: mind your balance and take from time to time lower megaways with left and right side maxed (see results above)

    to get to Max max max took me 1h 45 minutes (whole session ended 6154x up) was I lucky? do not know…I think that If you go all or nothing without taking decent bonuses on the middle it is just asking for trouble…that just me…and I do not think, that anybody wanna achieve TRUE GAMBLER status by doing things which are just stupid and reckless…I play for money/profit not imaginery status… when you gambled 50k ways…well you just kissed 7 000 $ goodbye… I have posted my results in this forum in different place, but you obviously did not read and for some mysterious reason get married to buying unachievable 14$ bonus buy…If someone adviced you that he was dead wrong…


    777heavenslotyfidler WANTED $7

    Love this post I was also trying to get max max max on 10 p 1 hour 30 on 17.50 buy then finally I got fed up and bought the  35 pound feature  on the 6th attempt I got all maxed but I maxed left and right first then I double double double to 117k megaways but I got 50000 x max win never had 1 before I was on 76 x multiplier at end of spins but I also got 5 extra spins off a re trigger to total 35 spins total in was 1200 pound roughly cashed out £5000 profit was £3800 that was on party poker I am now on another site trying same it proper stressful at times but more importantly was fun

    Arpz WANTED $1

    Really enjoyed the video, proper wanted you to get it lol

    I’ve just done this in about 20 mins but demo play only.

    10c stake, $35 27 spin bonus, gambled multiplier to second smallest (75k ish) and then once more for max 117k. One press for spins to max, gambled multiplier win to max. Probably bought it about 15 times total.

    Video of the play here (sound died as soon as I clicked record) , fwiw –

    If you’re watching this shortly after I posted then resolution is gonna be poor, in an hour from now it’ll have finished processing but I wanna goto bed.

    Cheers for all the vids

    hopzuk WANTED $1

    Right the way to do this one. its all about the megaways believe me just hit $1968 on a 0.10c stake.

    Do the 27 spin buy, 3 click plus the megaways to 25000 gamble then 3 clicks again to the 117469.

    DONT BOTHER WITH THE MULTI you get so many wins i was at X60 when the bonus was over and you already have 27 spins so collect and enjoy !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)