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    hattiedale22 WANTED $2

    Rant incoming…

    Videoslots, are really starting to irritate me. Their verification process is unbelievably frustrating. And their customer service I find on chat condescending rude and unprofessional. For example i said ” it’s an old card I don’t have it anymore” their reply “yes sure you dont”.


    Anybody else found this with them. They have had my final straw this morning. I’ve closed my account they’re still refusing to send my funds back even though their excuse was the ‘4th directive’. The card in question was not used to accumulate any funds currently used as the balance in my videoslots account ?

    Proddylegend WANTED $22

    I didn’t have a problem with video slots was straight forward for me, and they were fast at verifying my account, on the other hand I had a real battle with Vegas hero’s making me jump threw hoops to verify think it took over a week of emails to them,

    The Bandit WANTED $5,362
    El Bandito

    Unfortunately the more things you have registered on your Videoslots account before you commence your verification, the more of a ballache it is! I had to personally send 6 proofs, one was a card i no longer had and i got the same rude shit from their live help too – it was eventually sorted by sending them a picture of a transaction i had made with that old card on my bank statement, no one there seemed to understand that the bank sends out replacement cards sometimes and advise you to destroy the old one! Once you are past verification….. fantastic casino.

    hattiedale22 WANTED $2

    I agree. Been a member with them for a while and I find their casino races and bonuses fantastic and their game selection brilliant although I have twatted off over 1000 spins on spinal tap with no bonus ?. Not the casinos fault, their live chat people are absolutely vile, I told one guy earlier (called roddy) that he had no clue what I was saying and that I had verified my current card and he said “I’m not your mate in the pub, and never will be, I’m a professional and don’t tell me that it’s wrong because your wrong and you have never sent any cards in” no idea where that came from. Promptly ended the chat ?

    Samanthallen WANTED $10

    There really good 1s you’ve bent over backwards and got verified they ask for stuff what’s impossible to get sometimes i had to get the bank to send me a letter saying i no longer had that card and why i didn’t have it 1s ur approved you should have to keep sending things its a bit shit for doing that

    Jamesh WANTED $11

    I had the same with vodeo slots a few weeks back.. lost my debit card got a replacement and deposit using that then needed verification of old card again plus new one. To be fair to them live chat were really helpful and removed my old card completey from my account and done away with having to verify. Recently closed my leovegas account after them asking for proof of a card which expired over a year ago (i destroyed as advised) didnt even deposit using it they witheld my withdrawal of £150 and love chat were stupidly rude so i told them not so politely keep the money and closed it.

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