Vegas in December

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    Ashman WANTED $1

    Hi I’d definitely be up for a vegas trip, not been for 19 years, but now as a single guy with 65,000 virgin airmiles that likes a bash sounds like a great idea . I presume you can contact me direct as I’m not keen on putting my email in here. Keep up the great videos I watch em all on YouTube via fire stick

    The Paul WANTED $2

    Hi, I was in vegas at the MGM Grand this August, was looking to go back this month, but I could probably hang on until December as it would be a lot more fun with fellow uk gamblers ( degenerates ) lol.
    Been retired for a couple of years now, so unfortunately most of my friends have family commitments. love all the content here, so I guess let me know when you plan on going out and I will try and catch up with you for a beer or several lol



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)