UK slots fudged

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    Whitelighter WANTED $1

    Are any of  those big wins from the UK. I would love to upload a screenshot of a big win but I am in the UK and so far my number 1 slot for my biggest win on No Limit is a massive 46x in 12 months. On average for a bonus to land 400 frigging spins and then you get a max win of 47x if you are lucky. 9/10 times 200 spins on any slot and just get fuck all return. Only had a duel bonus 6 times and 5 were zero and a stonking 0.2x. Anybody else in the UK finding this same shit happening to them. If you check out slot tracker you can see your personal stats for all slots, all the community spins, all the rtps that are happening and how low Unibet returns are in comparison. Well worth a look.

    Spin_em_in WANTED $11

    Some are for sure. You can tell if there is any ‘buy bonus’ buttons visible or not.

    Big wins page can be a bit misleading though for sure. As you don’t know if its a bonus buy or spun in. It can look like a huge max win, but really its only a 25x (retro tapes buys)

    Buys don’t pay any better or wager any better than spins, and I wouldn’t say the slots play/pay any better offshore as someone whose done both.

    Slot WANTED $40

    many big win pic are from the demo play, even in a crypto casino if you try to spin wanted will take you 200 to 500 spins to get a bonus

    Bigjus WANTED $1

    Had a huge win with grosvenor – I know I was playing about £12 spins – few bonus and a huge bonus on fishing frenzy of all things – but account blocked a few years back – hoping I can get back into the account one day and get the win on here

    P21turbo WANTED $2

    Harder to win i find but i hit a 1500x win on 1pound stake on mental and was so close to hitting even more if the 200x multipliers had landed in right place would probs have hit a max win

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