UK Players answer! Offshore gambling Question.

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    eejit101 WANTED $312


    Just for those who dont know my company builds casinos. (Steve/Dave this isnt me marketing or anything just want some feedback).

    Most UK players are now moving to crypto or offshore sites as they are fed up with a very bad regulatory framework for players in the UK.

    So – question – if there was an offshore site on a licence you werent familiar with, say Anjouan or KGC, but you trusted the people who operated the site, and got paid on time and could use wallets and cards as normal, would you play there, as the RTP will be 94/96, autospin and bonus buys on, all legitimate games (no weird copies)? Or is the risk for you a bit higher?

    As were looking into this with someone to see what the feedback would be. Mainly curious at this stage but if its an option would people do it or would they prefer to stay on the big brands.

    Spin_em_in WANTED $11

    It depends if the site in question is better i.e site features,rewards,navigation,stability etc etc is better than the alternatives for me.

    I started playing more at crypto sites vs UK casinos because of the above. Not just because of UKGC, some of it is actually good. But the UK sites are rubbish in comparison.

    Already easy to play offshore. Didnt take me long to understand using a crypto wallet, gas fees etc. So i wouldn’t move to a unknown smaller offshore brand unless it was better than Rollbit/Stake for example


    AppleSux WANTED $6

    I waited two years before switching to crypto casino and once Bandit showed he was able to withdraw I took the plunge.

    I was worried when my recent 12k withdrawal took 24 hours as previously smaller ones were done in under 15 mins. But they still paid out.

    Would I switch? Probably not at the moment even though BC hosts are useless and they seem to ignore legal accounting practices that would be mandatory in UK or Europe (like can’t provide a list of all my deposits and withdrawals)

    Also, I like the BC approach of playthrough cashback rather than these ridiculous 40-50x times your deposit ones on most sites.

    I can guarantee one thing, if they accepted GBP fiat deposit and withdrawal that WOULD win me over but that’s very unlikely to happen


    Vinny123 WANTED $9

    At Bc Game, all transactions are listed when you select the transactions option on pressing your player icon,the only thing they dont show is net deposits, support will tell you that in there own time if you ask them

    Slot WANTED $40

    I will play

    1. bonus offers to be on 30x-35x

    2. accept payment on Skrill PayPal

    3 fast withdraw

    4. offer bonus offers on 100x up to $300-$500

    P.S not bonus like BC casino with 1000x wagering 😂 you need to spend $100k to unlock $500


    Loseitall WANTED $2

    Think everyone associated with casinos are big fat cunts, affiliates, streamers, staff, the lot of them

    farahtrousers WANTED $22

    Loseitall wrote:

    Think everyone associated with casinos are big fat cunts, affiliates, streamers, staff, the lot of them

    I want to say that’s harsh but I siimply don’t know who to trust. There was a time when you couldn’t link a site that evades gamban/gamstop, on here. Now you can get a vpn and login to sites where your address is banned and still use your address.

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