UK Online Casinos Final Nail in Coffin

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    columbo70 WANTED $2

    Just announced today…….From September Under 25’s limited to £2 stakes max. Over 25’s limited to £5 stake.

    This will further frustrate the online casinos and dare I say it , will further lower real RTP’s going back to the customer.,at%20%C2%A32%20per%20spin.

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $697

    This is the frustration with uk gov and its gambling arm, they have taken steps which fundamentally stop you going mad in one session but will see uk players losing more over their play life time…. politicians believe the gambling lobby has too much say in uk policy,  and it’s hard not to believe that the casinos aren’t nodding heads to these changes we’ve had especially since it’s harder to find bonuses…or the chase to recover is that much harder…

    CryptoG82 WANTED $22

    I don’t think it makes a huge difference tbh and won’t do much. What will make a difference is the other part of the paper around losses. Looks like over a certain amount of losses in a set time period the Casinos are being told to investigate for issues of gambling harm. This might be a good thing for people who chase losses a lot.

    Satans_Underpants WANTED $5

    Casino : “Can you afford to spaff this money ?”

    Tilted Gambler : “Yea, it’s nothing”

    Casino : OK, carry on.

    RTP on stake variance is pretty much irrelevant I feel. £2 a spin is still quick and deadly if you haven’t got it to lose. This is all “look like you care” bs. They don’t. None of them.

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