Turned into a lucky charm

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    Dane Watkins WANTED $11

    When I was 21 I was at my worst state of mind gambling. I’d blow all my wages in minutes at the casino then use credit cards to get through the month. I was reckless and didn’t really have any financial commitments which didn’t help matters… Anyway I was at a casino in Bristol where the main casino is on the top floor and they have a lone roulette table on the ground floor just where the exit is… Sneeky bastards know that if you’re coming down with winnings you’ll have one more spin. That I did!!

    I bet on a selection of numbers around the middle section. No preference. bit like how you bet Bandit. Jackpot number was 19. It landed with a tenner straight up on it and bits around it too, and paid around £500. I took as much colour as possible and pocketed the rest as cash chips. I smashed loads more around 19 and a huge stack on top it. 19 came in again… Paid £1700. The pit boss had to allow the payout as I had one more spin and it came in again.

    As I made for the lift to the cashier’s desk (on the top floor) with just over £4k in chips in my pocket, About twelve Chinese women flocked to me and started touching my arms and shoulders. I obviously thought they were trying to rob me and started full on screaming into these tiny old ladies faces when a drinks waiter ran over and told me they think you are lucky and want to rub up against you to -catch the luck-  i thought “what a load of old shit!!!”

    Must have worked though because i haven’t had a win like that again!

    Thieving bitches!!! I want my luck back!! Hahaha

    Scouse_Baz WANTED $11

    Haha, you can’t be blamed for thinking they were ambushing you, to Pinch all of your chips! ?

    Good result, but shame about them taking all your luck! ?

    Rob2k94 WANTED $17

    My Mam must of been one of them……..because she had me!


    Que buckets

    ImperialDragon WANTED $68

    Karter, I’m not sure how your link is relevant to this topic?  It links to another forum (off-site) with about 8 threads, all with zero replies.

    I remember Mazoona being a fruit manu though.  One of them was called Monopoly Road to Riches, but they haven’t released any new machines in the last 10 years IIRC.

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