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    Swannsilver WANTED $1

    Hiya Bandit,
    I heard you talking about £33000 for your teeth, I had mine done in Turkey 5 years ago they are Czirconium Crowns and I had them done at Ezgis Smile Clinic in Konyaalti Beach Antalya, the dentist looks like a suoermodel and she is a magician and i havent had any problems with them and they are amazing still. I Saved £20,000 . The clinic is so clean that you have to put bags on your feet before you go in . I stayed at hotel Kartel which is round the corner its basic but they are really friendly and it took 11 days in total for my full mouth, honestly dont waste your money here .

    Eightblack WANTED $446

    How much did it set you back in total mate? All my teeth are proper fucked and I ain’t got nothing close to £33k lol

    The Bandit WANTED $5,329
    El Bandito

    I just think the Turkey route teeth have a certain look about them which i’m not really wanting, maybe i have just seen people with that specific look? I’ve started the journey here now and it is one that takes a few months so i will see how that goes, i don’t think i could be arsed with the faff of going to Turkey, this one is in Chester and is far enough haha

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)