Thunderstruck 2 on 32Red

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    Rhyslew WANTED $1

    This game is beyond a joke 90p stake teases the bonus like a million times bonus comes in and I win like 1.66 lmao get the random wild storm bonus & it’s always on 1 reel normally the last one & never connects nearly 2000 spins later no big wins but I still love this game no idea why

    let me know what do you guys think of this slot?

    Addyc24 WANTED $1

    It is a addictive game I love it but have the same trouble it never pays , over many casinos I use to play I’ve had roughly 8 wild storms that have paid no more than 10x and a rough guess around 35 bonus and only twice had 100x , most being under 10x . A very frustrating game with teases but for some reason addictive lol I played on 60p and 90p stakes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)