The Pusher of Online Gambling?

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    Chris@82 WANTED $0

    Like your vids Bandit,and have followed your channel a long time. But I’ll think you need to come out with a response to the accusations raised in the vid above.

    holdthebellsmate WANTED $10

    2.2 million problem gamblers in the UK?? I just flipped through the rest. The guy was really boring and didn’t have a coherent argument. There are always a small amount of people who will gamble too much. They could go in a shop and do their brains on scratchcards.

    The good streamers are entertainers and people signup because they like watching them. They are providing a service. It is like saying Premium Sellers on Ebay shouldn’t get paid because they are making 50p on each item they sell.


    The Bandit WANTED $5,355
    El Bandito

    Looks like a thinly veiled “lets get this vid some views” thread this one tbh with you Chris but that aside… i’m not really sure why you think i would be bothered to press play on it? I got messaged to say that some wanker had done a video boring on about how my Reel King tops were fake yada yada blah blah, i’m guessing this is that? You see, as i know they aren’t, it kind of makes me think he is just another sad pathetic jealous c word, not really someone i’d need to bother myself with tbh. Another affiliate warrior pitch forker that knows absolutely fuck all of what actually goes on and just guesses, plenty of them about. Let me guess, does he somewhere accuse affiliates of “getting 45% of everyones losses” fucking mega yawn. Had enough of those kind of people.







    babyface WANTED $36

    I like the fact that this website exists, my reason being is that you cannot come across it by accident, watch large wins and think “wow I must try that to make some easy money”

    To view this website you actually have to look for the bandit, which means its something you are already aware of and understand the background and the dangers of the subject matter.  Not that El Bandito doesn’t announce it enough – my eyes watered when I saw his ins and outs on last nights videos!

    You Tube are a weird bunch – you could type in Kenny Rogers “the gambler” and their next recommendation would be a slot channel 🙂  or worse still a Justin Bieber track.

    PandyAndy WANTED $0

    Never posted before but boy did this motivate me. I’ve only ever signed up to one affiliate link and that was the bandit’s.I’m not a great fan of the whole affiliate thing but this bloke gets right up my nose.

    I absolutely knew what the score was when I joined, actually it was a conscious decision to join via the bandit because I believed him to be the “real deal” and I didn’t mind supporting him. It wasn’t him drawing me in with competition winnings, in fact months after joining I’ve only just signed up to the comp, it was more that I didn’t mind supporting the bloke.

    This lily-livered, safe space needing, tosser is obviously bitter because he lost and like a lot of his generation he can’t help but shift some of the responsibility sideways. He needs to grow up, be a man, and accept that he did the damage no-one else.

    Two things are hilarious. One, he is right streamers should be aware of their responsibility. But where he is wrong is the thebandit is more responsible than any other streamer out there.

    Number two… no they don’t need to be more “integral” you twat. The word you were looking for was integrity.

    Soxdog7 WANTED $10

    Bandit. Or Steve.

    Why the arrogance?.. people disagree with affiliation and rightly so, who on Earth are you to call people?.no need at all.

    Folks are aloud to disagree and comment, yes you need to be found now on the net as your banned. So what?.. does that mean your immune to opinion.

    You are entertaining, no doubt about that. But as a person, your pretty low.

    Jamesr83 WANTED $18

    This is the modern world for you, everyone always want to find someone to blame for peoples mistakes, it’s absolutely mind numbing.

    I’ve had gambling issue’s firstly with sports betting at 18 and later slots, it was my all my fault, i knew what i was doing and i knew the sh*t storm it would cause if it went wrong.

    Watching others play slots gives me a buzz and keeps the urges under control, keep up the good work bandit and ignore silly cu*ts like this.


    babyface WANTED $36

    Me again 🙂   I was just pondering this affiliate thing.   And here is the rub.

    On the market there is a natural steroid supplement which has come out, the makers claim it is 80% as effective as real steroids with none of the side effects.   So I went a number of supposedly reputable body building sites to seek proof on the efficacy of the item, and low and behold every one of them said that this was the real deal, you would get massive gains and you should buy the item immediately “through their affiliate link”

    I then found one which did not have an affiliate link, their report was less than complimentary, explained there was no scientific evidence to prove that the stuff worked but that the item was high in the body building stakes due to an exceptionally good marketing campaign.   He actually gave the scientific breakdown which made eminent sense.

    Long winded I know, but my point is that affiliate income can impact on an individuals perception of right and wrong, as I am sure has happened to a number of streamers, who initially just wanted the buzz of posting videos and the consequent fan base.   For a number of streamers the fan base and the likes slowly came second to the financial gains, and their videos became selective with a view to influencing user participation.

    El Bandito seems to have been constant throughout and does appear to enjoy having a fan base – is this a business for him, undoubtedly, and lets face it, he spends 12 hours a week playing slots, edits, uploads and pays taxes – I certainly wouldn’t work 25% of my working week for nothing, However in his defence he is not selling a turkey on behalf of someone else and claiming it is a golden eagle, he makes it clear to everyone that the slots are “a turkey”.   in addition- I have certainly seen no “3 minute big win” videos from him, these being the ones I truly despise as they take things totally out of context.




    The Bandit WANTED $5,355
    El Bandito

    Soxdog7 wrote:

    Bandit. Or Steve.

    Why the arrogance?.. people disagree with affiliation and rightly so, who on Earth are you to call people?.no need at all.

    Folks are aloud to disagree and comment, yes you need to be found now on the net as your banned. So what?.. does that mean your immune to opinion.

    You are entertaining, no doubt about that. But as a person, your pretty low.

    I think you may need to read my reply again.


    Where did i call anyone but even if i did, is that just not my opinion and am i not allowed to do that but you are?


    You make me yawn lad, there you go, another opinion of mine, you are boring.


    You’ve purposely joined my community here to give me shit and you are calling me low, lol. Carry on laddy.


    If you disagree so strongly with everything i do then why the fuck are you still here.


    What are your thoughts on the Defibrillator i just bought for someone? Ah, of course, you don’t do positives do you.

    Anonymous WANTED $55

    I haven’t been on this site long,   but  whats the fuss about affiliates???   I didn’t even really know about them until I started watching youtube streams.   I have never joined through an affiliate link,   I probably would if I could,  but I think I am a member of every casino going already.   So can’t.  Whats the big deal about the bandit getting money from being an affiliate?   Id happily pay a subscription to watch his videos,  they are entertaining.    Once I have deposited,  I don’t care who gets my money,  half the time and more it is lost anyway.   Fair play to the bandit and other streamers  for being able to do this.  What is all the fuss about???   Do people think you will win less if you join through an affiliate???  It’s all bonkers!

    miss_tasty80 WANTED $16

    I really would like to say something so I am……you have absolutely no evidence to back up why you think YouTube are shutting streamers down therefore it’s purely speculation and really shouldn’t have even been brought up as it’s purely YOUR opinion. This video has been made to look like your letting us know what’s going on in the background and what affiliation is but in reality you made this video for you. As it’s all to do with your beliefs and your problem with affiliates. Who actually gives a fuck though seriously no one is forcing people to click the link no one is holding a gun saying sign up or I’ll shoot you right now. We are all adults and have our responsibility in what we do wether its right or wrong it’s always OUR decision. Just seems to me it’s another person that’s done their balls online and looking for someone to blame . Sorry to say mate the only one to blame is you. Good luck getting your point across but I think your doing it all wrong. But of course this is my opinion only I mean I’m happy to do a video about it……….

    Wormweed WANTED $42

    If people watch The Bandit win huge, then warn us saying we all lose in the end, and still think they can beat the casino and win.. Then perhaps they are so damn stupid they deserve to lose, but don’t blame The Bandit and other affiliates for their stupidity.

    People are so stupid these days it feels like they need to have a guardian holding their hands telling them what to do at any given moment. I have zero sympathy for people that watch The Bandit gamble to the top of the lader and say “don’t think this will happen to you, because it wont, you will always lose in the long run”, and still decide to throw their life savings at it.

    All this affilate hate is just stupidity, ignorance, and nothing more than a witch hunt. Affilation is everywhere, google something and you get affilate links at the top, anyone advertising a product uses affiliate links.

    Almost all of the slot streamers and video uploaders say only gamble what you can afford to lose, so why should the rest of us normal people with common sense enough to not waste our life savings be punished for others stupidity?

    Youtube isn’t just deleting gambling channels, they also delete gun channels, science, chemistry, political, and a lot of other channels, including channels about history, just try to make a video about nazis during WW2 and see how that turns out for you. And that’s just about historical events, but some sensitive souls have decided you can’t make videos about certain things.

    I like watching gambling videos, and i like to gamble within my set budget, i have never had a gambling addiction even though i played slots from the age of 12, and i have never had any other addictions either. I shouldn’t have to suffer because of other peoples stupidity and lack of controll.

    babyface WANTED $36

    @Wormweed- I’m not sure being unable to watch people playing slots on you tube could strictly come under the heading of “suffering” 🙂

    there may be starving families in Somalia who have a different definition

    (It’s OK, I’m just fooling with you 🙂 )

    Belle5179 WANTED $3

    I think what he said was very interesting as he points out most of us do not know the ins and outs of affiliates and their income from promoting certain casinos. I too have often wondered about the Reel King gamble as the Bandit does hit the top on many occasion. Having said that he has lost more gambles than he has won whilst I have been watching and his casino balances from the beginning of time do not quite reflect that he is on a winner with his play. I would not consider a loss of 63,000 pounds at one casino alone as being successful as an affiliate would you?. In favor of the Bandit he continually points out in his streams that no one ever wins at the end of the day and a few great wins are not a true reflection of his overall play.His losses are well in excess of his wins so I do think that your argument re- Bandit getting back-handers from casinos goes out the window. However thank you for giving us all a little insight into the affiliate side of things I am sure we will take the information and use it wisely as we continue to watch the Bandits absolutely entertaining streams.

    Anonymous WANTED $483

    HI guys, Newbie to the forum here. Been watching Bandit from the start, and i’m not here to blow smoke up his arse. Yes im a gambler, and yes i have a problem. I’ve lost a hell of a lot of money on casinos and Jokerstars, and i do think that ALL Casinos and Poker Rooms are rigged to the high heavens for most people to lose. There are the chosen few such as preferred players, affiliates and people sponsored by the companies to win at a good level. And maybe a few who just get super lucky once or twice. But for the most part its OBVIOUS AS FUCK that we are all going to lose due to the fraudulent system surrounding Gambling Online. Lets be honest as fuck here Nearly all Major companies, even Governments are corrupt and cancerous as fuck! Out to bash and steal the hell out of us normal folk! AND TBH IF WE ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO FALL FOR IT, then good for them. its fucking awful what they do and they deserve to have their balls cut off and be bummed in prison by a BBC. But like i said we make the choices here. its free will. They take advantage of us being sheep. But Hey im trying to become a shepherd for once. Maybe i’l go back, but that’s my choice. And its mine alone.

    I watch Bandits videos and subscribe through his links sometimes, because i like him. I don’t give 2 flying fucks if he makes money from me, i don’t give a shit if he gets money from my losses, i don’t care one Jot that he makes the top on Reel King more times than a Twitch Streamer Bans someone for being salty. He’s a good guy! hes done and still does alot for other people for nothing. Id still watch him with no giveaways and no links every fking time. And i bet 99 percent here would do the same.

    Yes he makes alot of fucking money from being an affiliate. So fucking what? Wish i was clever enough to see the gap in the market like he did a few years ago. Dont you?

    He’s a smart cookie that’s all. And i wish him all the best for the years to come. It WILL come to an end for all affiliates and Sponsored Players at some point in the near future. But i bet Bandit RINSES THE FUCK OUT OF IT before it does! Good luck to him i say!

    And to all those who lose at gambling at online casinos……..WAKE THE FUCK UP you are never gonna win! (unless your an affiliate)

    Btw Bandit if u are reading this thanks for curbing my gambling over the last few years. Your videos do really help me curb it sometimes.


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