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    Timc78 WANTED $4

    just want to say a massive thank you, today I have registered with Gamstop from your website.

    i don’t feel I have a real problem but I have noticed a habit beginning every payday, and want to nip it in the bud now before it grows especially with Christmas creeping up.

    i know it’s cliche but I’m actually happy I’ve done it, I’ve been gambling for years and although I can bet responsibly it’s the slots that get me and I keep chasing the bonus or the win… which never comes

    I honestly feel we all win when you do in your videos, like we all feel your loses too so from now on Mr Bandit I will only be watching your videos and maybe use your football tips

    all the best and cheers again

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Nice one bud! I can say with full certainty you’re doing the right thing. Cutting it off early if you see it becoming a problem in the future is the best thing you can do.

    Others – take note!

    zom1 WANTED $4

    Just made an account to say.

    If you are registered with Gamstop also get Gamban on your pc now.

    I had a problem with essentially having 100s of Casinos linked to my bank account at home. and after many years of playing responsibly it escalated to a unstable amount of money being wasted.

    I do still gamble but only live casino once a month or so and sports bets at the bookies, but cutting off access from my bank account to these sites has been an absolute blessing.

    I originally just used gamstop which cut me off from the reputable websites but once the cravings hit I started using some of the crappy ones where there is absolutely no chance of them paying out even on the slim chance you turn a profit. Then came Gamstop and now I have gone over 2 months without placing an online bet and my bank balance is not taking a battering any longer. In addition to this I am no longer getting the cravings to search for websites to chuck money down the shitter.

    Thank you Bandit for the code for the 3 months Gamban, saved my ass big time.



    The Bandit WANTED $5,368
    El Bandito

    You’re welcome folks, good to hear that there is actually some good coming out of the software pages and codes that are available, your feedback is much appreciated.

    Honour_Assassin WANTED $2

    I did this way back before your YT ban, think it was the first video, best move I made, went for the 5 year, nice one bandit!

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