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    Hi Stephen, just wanted to thank you for the great videos. 2018 was not a great year for me, January I spent 8 days in hospital with a Pulmonary Embolism, ( blood clot on the lung) then I had countless trips to hospital with chronic gall stones pain, eventually had gall bladder removed in September, spent 4 weeks unable to move afterwards, then in December I was taken into hospital again and diagnosed with multiple Bi-lateral Pulmonary Embolism. The one thing that made me laugh ( ouch! ) was my twice weekly fix of The Bandit, some of the things you come up with, just crease me up, best of all ” cock womble ” that had me rolling around the floor in agony.

    I love the honesty of your emotions, the loss when it all goes Pete tong, and the sheer joy of you screaming when you get it all back on “reel king” the neighbors must have wondered who was being murdered in your house.

    I used to play slots, years ago, but as it became uncontrollable, I actually managed to stop, and don’t play them anymore, but I get a huge kick watching you, Paul, and Jimbo. So many thanks for your efforts, I look forward too more witty remarks in the future.

    If you need a charity for a giveaway sometime, can I reccoreco ” Meningitis Research Foundation, Meningitis kills more children than any other disease in the UK, I know from personal experience how lethal it can be, I had a nephew ( Matthew Scott) who caught it aged 18mths, within 24hours of getting it, he sadly passed away, and even now 25years later he is greatly missed. So it’s a worthy cause.


    Than you again and keep the videos comming.

    Wabbit Humper.

    The Bandit WANTED $3,857
    El Bandito

    Cheers Wabbit, you are welcome mate, sorry to hear about your health problems, hope this year can be a better one for you, apologies for causing you pain as you laugh haha – I will keep that charity in mind for the next time i am donating somewhere for sure!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)