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    Elvisp1977 WANTED $7

    Good Afternoon Steve

    well done on recent very good wins keep it up

    hope laser treatment is a great success

    now for my moans

    1 why have you started using the C word that’s not nice word if you have to swear then ok just leave out the C word please

    2 you always say that by games showing amount you win before it’s counted out on screen ruined it for you

    now your doing the same while people like me just want to see it add up on screen

    maybe revert to leaving announcement of amount won till shown on screen

    thankyou carry on the winning
    take care

    Kindest. from John

    solidrobben WANTED $6

    We can all see the amount below as well. Just skip it.


    SoSamUk WANTED $8

    I have no issue with the C-word. It is just a word.

    Satans_Underpants WANTED $5

    In what context was it used ? It is for UK one of the worst curse words, and I support its use if it fits the context. THis isn’t Australia where everything is a cant. But I also get it, some people hate the word.

    Smoothoperator WANTED $49

    Please bare in mind that the channel is for mature audiences 18+. It doesn’t bother me at all. I actually think of most people or things that annoy me as C**ts 😂

    lee020 WANTED $9

    I think most gambler’s use it when getting rinsed, I’ve certainly called those fucking magical unicorns cunts many times (I don’t know how Steve wins on that game!).

    ImperialDragon WANTED $69

    “Please check out my forum at back in a mo dot com.  Speak with like minded people.  Praise something.  Have a moan.  Do whatever the fuck you like.”

    The script is there, roughly at the halfway point in each video.  He can say what he like really.  We’re adult gamblers and ex-gamblers enjoying his content.  We’re not Mary Whitehouse or a bunch of nuns looking out there and everywhere to be offended by swearing.

    Let’s change the name of this site to “back in a moan” dot com 😛

    Kelvie WANTED $45

    You’d be FK’d in Scotland, Yer a cunt is just a term of endearment. Get over it, It’s a word. If you’re offended by the word, look in the mirror like me you’ll see one!

    Great Cunt

    PRM1977 WANTED $1


    PRM1977 WANTED $1



    do wild swarm


    build up on a stakes


    release next increase money stake when you reach required subs . As people aren’t subbed . Give them an incentive . They’ll sub to watch a load of wild swarms


    class all the time



    Mattyc1311 WANTED $1

    I’m a swearer and the C word maybe offensive to some.. but personally I love it when he loses it and starts c***ing away . As it’s exactly what I do probs most of us twats that play these games lol.. keep up good work steve been following you a while on you tube, so decided to give ya website a “bash” lol…


    Deanom1 WANTED $1

    Imagine being a grown ass man or woman watching +18 content and complaining about swear words 🙄

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)