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    Dc39 WANTED $74

    Could be controversial but everyone has their opinions haha

    Best Streamers : Bandit = been following you for near a year, used to get a video every day or 2nd day, twice a week now but understandable as the content is superb, lot of variation of slots, serious gambling, big balls and funny with it too, i prefer the high stakes personally but everyone is different, generous sort as well, much prefer the format of just showing bonuses or mega teases, genuinely seems to like providing entertainment rather than in it for the pure profit, excellent work and much appreciated.

    Rocknrolla : i like him, 24 hour charity stream is comendable! funny guy at times and plays roulette and he posts a lot of good and bad wins, mad stakes as well at times but doesn’t seem to post as much as he used to but heyho.

    David Slot Win Excitement: scrapes in to the good category just lol…only because he plays a lot of kronos and has 20 spins Bruce lees vids, he is a touch annoying however haha

    Worst Streamer : Chipmunks Slotz: Comfortably the worst streamer there has ever been, soon as he hits a win, ends the stream, if he doesn’t, never reloads, plays the same games all the time, constantly fishing for sympathy votes about how ill he is, then this weird as fuck saying when he doesnt get a bonus “You’ll never get this” also shakes a sachet of mayo about calling it his lucky mayo!! Complete prick of a man! I think hes trying to be funny but hes just making a fool of himself lol!

    Craigsslot : thankfully hes in hiding again, clearly hasnt the money to stream and is a full on degen, makes lame jokes about that other idiot jimbo, bangs on about positive energy then donks thousands, sleezy as fuck with the birds too haha, anytime they request a game its instantly played!

    Nickslots : not as bad as the others but makes the list cos he has a proper complex about the better streamers, gets right huffy when someone asks or compliments someone else haha! Have to question his charitable donations too if im honest but it is what it is.

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    Bandit Rolla and chipmonkz .he does cashout when he gets a win . But he is very sensible obviously not a gambler.  But I like the guy .

    Worst streamer Roshtein and fruity slots . Just can’t seem to be that bothered if they win or lose . And that’s what’s it all about really you got to be willing them to win . So u do need a connection to them otherwise u just not arsed . And Nick slots is just about watchable

    Anonymous WANTED $81

    Nickslots swears too much. Yea I know where I am and The Bandit isn’t exactly Mother Theresa, but Nick is just so vulgar and repetitive. He gets a bonus or a win and you have to listen to, “foooookin hell, what a foookin feature, fooook me, are you for foooking real? Fooookin hell”. I can’t listen to that constantly.

    Roshtein is a trust-fund baby who wears makeup and a Rolex to stream. He annoyed me the first time I ever set eyes on him. Why do people like this guy, or jarttu, is it cause they spin at max stake? Plenty of Americans sans personality betting silly money on slots if you like max bets. There are vids on YouTube of $100K spins, $250K spins, $1 million spins. What about that prick, “the big gamble”, or whatever it is. He won the US powerball then spends his life playing slots on camera for no reason whatsoever.

    Those others like Jimbo and Craigslots etc, just wtf. If I wanted to listen to a hamster getting raped by a high pitched dog, I would buy a hamster and a dog

    Chipmonk, not quite sure how to describe. I like the guy. Yes I would prefer more degen stuff and his streams are kinda predictable, but that’s his choice. He says he can’t afford to play at high stakes which is braver than playing those high stakes, IMHO. In future if he gets more coin he might entertain some of you more

    David Labowsky? Wow I used to like that guy but now I think he is a scumbag. He has repeated many times on stream that he is WINNING overall from slots, doesn’t have any withdrawal symptoms when not playing slots (how do you test that when you play every day?) and isn’t an alcoholic either, despite drinking straight Russian Standard vodka on every stream I’ve ever seen him on.

    Kim and Reggie, well, I guess for many of us they are the originals. I enjoyed a lot of their content but man are they slow and talk a lot. I could never watch their live streams but I’ll catch the highlights videos.

    Fruity slots? Some of them are utter ballbags and intolerable (Scotty makes Shirox look appealing) but at the same time, I like the main 2 streamers. One is a retarded man-child that needs to go back to school, and the other is mentally deranged. What’s not to like? They also do a bunch of degen things which I enjoy

    Rocknrolla? One of my favs but there is very little content these days. Again more of a live streamer than a highlights dude. I love the pure degen stuff he does but the content worth watching is few and far between

    Them we have The Bandit, King of streamers. The King may only address his subjects once or twice a week but when the King talks, people listen. I enjoy it most when The Bandit goes degen. I’ve watched so many of his streams that when he sticks it on high stakes, I’m like 90% sure he is gonna get rinsed. By some miracle he is winning big these days, which is also fun. Nobody is perfect. If I could improve The Bandit I would maybe have a little less negativity sometimes. If he says, “everything is shit and boring”, it kinda detracts from the video. I do enjoy the impulsive reactions tho and colourful descriptions throughout. Only other improvements I would suggest are to post more content, and instead of having prize draws for each casino, let people win features on different machines instead at those casinos. I always skip the prize draw bits because it’s boring AF but when The Bandit was giving away features as prizes instead, I found that really compelling viewing, even if the features ended up shit.

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    i think the prize draws are fine . I’m gutted I already got an account with Mr green. So coudnt sign up through bandits link .maybe it shud be my choice and Mr green should let me close account and reopen through bandits link .obviously with no new customer perks.

    jerz92 WANTED $4

    Dazza g all the way, I know he’s not a streamer as such but the bloke always has me in stitches.  And obviously i’ve got to like the bandit seeing as I found his channel when he had less than 100 subscribers.   I seem to remember he was the first to do the bonus compilation style video and I thought it was a fantastic idea.  The likes of jimbo and craig showed up afterwards, and although I watched them and generally liked them, I didn’t think they were as good.  As far as streamers are concerned, I don’t watch them, I find most these games boring enough tapping away at for a decent win or bonus, let alone watch someone try it.  And I just don’t have the time.  Hypalinx though is a sound bloke and is streaming on Twitch now.

    argyl53 WANTED $419

    Dazza G, really? That annoying Youtube guy who screams that the slots are rigged if he doesn’t get a 10,000x bonus 5 spins in to Bonanza? And who thinks he can predict what the slots will pay in a bonus based on the reels, but is consistently wrong?

    argyl53 WANTED $419

    Also Roshtein is totally fake. You telling me he’s using real money but only plays at a small selection of casinos all run by the same company and never deposits at any of the huge, reputable names like Casumo and LeoVegas?

    jerz92 WANTED $4

    Haha yes that’s the geezer.  For me, it all just adds to the comedy value, i find him absolutely hilarious

    Dc39 WANTED $74

    I guess the problem i have with chipmonkz is he clearly relys on his viewers and affiliate bonus to stream, basically taking the piss out of everyone, so insincere, full off shit and loves a hard luck story with his health that he brought on himself! I have donated to a lot of streamers in the past coz i know it helps them stream and they provide good content! Each to their own i guess but the likes of bandit and rolla u know entertain is rather than rely on us

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    The thing about streamers or video content creators is each and every one of us will have the people that follow us, the people that like what we do and how we do it. Each and every one of us will also have our haters, people that everything we do just grates on. Most people find what they like and stick to that, leaving the ones that they aren’t so convinced by to their own devices and their own set of fans – unfortunately a small minority feel the need to troll and that is just life online i’m afraid. I can almost guarantee that every single person that streams/makes videos, if you met in person, for a night out, would be a good laugh.

    Chip helped me when no one else was really interested when the channel disappeared so i will always be grateful to him for that, i can’t stop people having their own opinions but i met him in London getting on for a year ago now and he was a thoroughly nice chap. Limited experience of everyone else apart from Paul who as most of you know i see as a good friend, proper gambler and a good laugh on a night out. I’l support him in anything he goes for like his charity streams or any potential meet ups he may schedule. David Slot Win Excitement is a channel i always check in on purely because i used to watch his rhino wins with fuck off, huge, jealous bastard eyes 😀

    Just remember guys that whilst you may not enjoy everyone, each and every streamer is just a lad, or a girl, trying to provide some entertainment – everyone has the choice to watch for free if they so wish – separate the wheat from the chaff in your own minds and then click those play buttons accordingly!


    Wormweed WANTED $42

    Well, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Just watch the ones you like, and don’t watch the ones you don’t like.

    I see the “what do you think of this streamer” question asked in twitch chat often, and it just looks like people are asking so they can validate their own opinion on said streamer. And it is usually followed by the people in chat arguing about what the others have said.

    Reviewing other people is a textbook example of narcissism


    JGSlots WANTED $12

    I really like Chopley’s videos, he covers a wide range of gambling from pub fruits to casino slots and everything in between, really nice guy and covers some interesting points.


    I only really have have time to watch a few, I tend to stick to the bandit, chopley and used to like jackpot bros, but find it a bit repetitive with the same slots on every video these days.


    Rob 🙂

    ligarr WANTED $82

    Nickslots was first streamer i ever saw,so i do watch him still occasionally.

    But not long after that i found the bandit who just did bonus rounds so much prefered him,and he is my fave for sure.

    Grapes gambling chanell i use to also like but since he was taken off youtube ages ago now i have not heard anything about where he is?(anyone know?).

    I like rocknrolla,and also like craig slots though seems a few here dont,jimbo i can watch sometimes but less than the rest.

    Worst has to be Roshtien,just very annoying to watch,i dont even watch if he posts a big win now,as no idea if even real,and his big wins and mine i guess differ is X stake:).

    Mondayblues23 WANTED $39

    Took me a wee while to like Chipmonkz but I do enjoy his style now. I can relate to his stakes and he seems genuine as well.

    Used to like Grapes channel as well, found him good to listen to.

    Dont mind watching fruity slots highlights but wouldn’t watch a stream, to be fair I don’t have time to watch much streams and that’s why I like the bandits content the best.

    What’s the deal with stop and step, loses loads on fobts daily, did he win the lottery before?canny be sustainable /…





    burders WANTED $55

    Bandit clearly the pro! One losing stream in how many now?!? Somebody should keep track – haven’t watched today’s new post yet but winning streak is pretty incredible.

    I too too have warmed to Chip, I used to think he was a bit of a nob but has grown on me – can’t bear Nickslots – I tho k being off YouTube knocked a few edges off him as he cane across as super arrogant before, the crass use of language (somehow Bandits use is kind of normal/justifiable where as Nicks just grates big time). Used to like Grape, Jimbo annoys and Craig was ok but so desperate to impress his viewers. Somehow find watch Rocknrolla a bit depressing – don’t know why

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