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    doughnut man WANTED $1

    Iv still never seen the top level on steam tower. Personally I don’t find the slot that entertaining but I just want to see the top. Never had it myself and never seen any streamer get it

    Aaron_gtfc WANTED $2

    only seen a couple get to the top, I actually did on like 50p odd years ago haha.

    Anonymous WANTED $55

    I’ve managed the top loads of times in the past, but only on £1 stakes.   Wasn’t that special, got an extra 50x or something.   I did like that game,  it kind of had a pattern, I used to gamble on low ish stakes until I got a bonus, then up the stake a bit, until the 2nd bonus,  and I’d up it more and the 3rd or 4th bonus usually hit the top.  The bonus’s used to come in batch’s of about 5.  Then go dead.  But this was about a year ago.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)