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    Gary WANTED $5

    Hi Guys

    A little tip when playing on sites where they leave your withdrawal pending for 48 hours giving you lots time to reverse, i had £2000 pending and being undisciplined kept reversing and gradually lost £1000 of it.

    Saw a Grapes video and he had the right idea, all you need to do is exclude yourself for 3 days after requesting withdrawal, cannot get at it then

    Good luck Guys

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Good thinking! I hate the reverse withdrawal option, it’s just too tempting to cancel it and play again. Fast approval sites such as Videoslots are pretty good as you don’t get much of a window to reverse (however I don’t like how they give you the option on the top bar at any point!).

    Do all sites allow you to exclude yourself for short periods such as that?

    Shawn82 WANTED $2

    Most do i like how Casumo you can lock a withdrawl so it can’t be reversed.

    mickb88 WANTED $5

    Casumo have the right idea and let you lock it in

    but casino sites should really do away with the whole 2 day pending stuff it’s a right pain

    Gernarsy WANTED $0

    Very Interesting

    Soxdog7 WANTED $10

    Always pay you. Even after a bonus ban. Terrible wait times and unresponsive chat if the issue is remotely serious.

    Great bonus’s regularly however if you avoid the ban due to winning

    benq99 WANTED $229

    videoslots withdraws takes less than 20 mins super fast .

    Soxdog7 WANTED $10

    Standard practice for all caddell.

    No problem to me At all, the aboutlf games you can play and the match offers alone are superb.

    Decent group until your bonus banned

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)