Some nights….. I just can’t sleep…

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    Wasted2Day WANTED $10

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    The Bandit wrote:

    Wasted2Day wrote:

    So Bandit,

    After your set back on the game (obv still up lol) have you give up, or are gunna start again and climb that ladder so to speak and start rebuilding at low stakes??? If so I assume you will keep us posted in the thread???

    Nah i haven’t given up mate, just giving it a rest for a couple of days which is what i usually do after a loss on it tbh. I will continue to post about what happens down on the lower stakes when i pick the game back up again 😀

    Glad your having a lil rest before you restart, Thats always the best method, just hard innit.

    For a complete mad head mate…


    Your actually quite sensible ain’t ya 😂😂😂

    Beefjerky WANTED $1

    Had to come and see this thread after it has been “advertised” so much, have to admit I couldn’t be arsed to read through 69 pages of it so read the first part then last part.

    That’s gonna hit hard, drink and gambling is a potent mix, seem it on other channels and done it myself.

    recent vid repaired a small fraction of that loss, onwards and upwards.

    SpecialK WANTED $3

    Wow Steve 60k is an insane amount of money to lose just to put it into perspective 60k would keep me in bacon 🥓 for a good few years 😂.But on a more serious point at least it was with profit and I’m hoping you will stick more to you’re usual £2 stakes,I’ve seen it so many times over the years and doing high stakes never ends well mate.Look forward to the next video and hope it’s a winning one for you Steve 👍

    Dylando33 WANTED $1

    Fantastic 2019 video from you and I have been a great fan of your video. I been watching back on some of the dead or alive vid where you try to get a wild line. Hope one day you can get x1000 on dead or alive. Good luck for 2019 stream

    Jfah25 WANTED $0

    Gutted. Not bet in 6 months an see how much you win. In goes a grand on millionaire. 3 bonuses and all lose after first guess. No free spins no win now thinking why did I bother. Hope your luck holds out

    PaulF WANTED $0

    Hey Bandit,


    I’ve watched your video’s from day one.  I still enjoy them just as much as I did when you first started.  I’m glad you don’t show many more video’s of Reelking, that one would have not been nice to watch, at all!  With regards to the £60k you lost, you do NOT need to explain yourself, why people make you feel the need to is beyond me, of what difference, at all, does it make to them?

    One question though, would you have stopped at -£60k had the wife not been there too?

    Cheers, Paul.

    Biohazard WANTED $524

    69 pages wheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Haz40 WANTED $1,034

    Been a long day. Just clicked on. You funny fucker 🤣


    69 pages of just epicness now bandits fisrt chapter of his book is finished im having great fun reading chapter 2 getting REEL KING  back on the horse hopefully this chapter goes in the region of 130 so pages of epicness

    Quazzi WANTED $126

    Lets lock this threaf @Seedy so it can drop into the archives of epicness.

    Already getting those grubby beggar types in here..

    Cadamlad WANTED $0

    Wow is all I can say!! But well done Bandit for deciding 60k was your limit and sticking too it and walking away as it’s not the easiest thing to do walk away after a big losing session. Look on the bright side though your still massively up on the game 👍🏻

    Gamblor WANTED $1

    60k lost more down the settee.. joken

    r1y4a7n WANTED $0

    Hey bandit,

    great read even with the sting of the 60k loss youve not had a bad run haha. Ive watched your vids for as long as a can remember you doing them lol keep up the good work!!

    whats the best way to contact you btw?

    waynetrunk99 WANTED $8

    Cant see any video m8 you said in the u tube holy diver video. Cant seem to find it ste

    The Bandit WANTED $4,073
    El Bandito

    waynetrunk99 wrote:

    Cant see any video m8 you said in the u tube holy diver video. Cant seem to find it ste

    Reel King – Getting back on the Horse.

    Page 23 and maybe 27

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